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Assassin's Creed Fanbook #3

Taking orders now! :D 

Assassin’s Creed  > 2012 - New England (Desmond+Shaun+Rebecca)
Full Color / 18 pages / 18cm x 26cm / SFW
Ships Worldwide / 5 USD per book + Shipping (3 USD) / Paypal

For more info and ordering, please go to ->

Thank you!
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i thought this was King of the Hill fanart from the thumbnail :D
spitfiresdad16's avatar

God, I love the antagonistic relationship these two have!
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can I still order one?
DeadDancers's avatar
Oh DAMN, shot of thrilled nostalgia right through the optic nerve. Makes me wanna run off and replay the first few AC games all over again. I miss Desmond and Co - especially Shaun. ;)
MyShinnyTeeth's avatar
OMG Desmond TAT!!!!!!!!

I need this. 
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fuck. 'thought that was a really hot hank hill for a second there, i'll tell ya hwat..
scarletcougar's avatar
well now... just... take my money...
Hell yes I need this!
ReturnofOlympus's avatar
:D Oh heck yes! I'm ordering this as soon as I get paid.
QueenJag's avatar
Beautiful work!
Lichtherz's avatar
StreuneKatze's avatar
oh desmond, how I missed him!
and I love that profile/half proifle? ehm the side of shauns face :D
AmalaAzula's avatar
Desmond: *pouty face*

So cuuuuuute. :iconchuplz:
scarlette13's avatar
That looks amazing. I need to finally make paypal.:D
sevese's avatar
Draweing (the insiide of) cars is such a pain - you did it so well!
Poor Desmond... XD
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