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Aiden's Yogurt Night

This was a request! Aiden Pearce from Watch Dogs.
We waited so long for this game didn't we :D It's finally coming out next month!

Yogurt Night is a series of drawings which involve male characters with bare chest, dab of yogurt and pink spoon for no reason.

Photoshop CS6
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Imagine some blind dude just touches the yogurt and just randomly licks it then realizes it was some random dudes (aiden) chest

but what if you did Marcus from watch dogs 2?

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I just got this game. I love Aiden Pearce. (Ok. I'm fangirling I can't help it).

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I wasn't expecting to see this while looking for fanart but. ..I guess aiden is...nice c:
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Aiden is soooooooo sexy
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if the spoon isn't real, does that mean....

Does it mean His phone is broken because the yogurt got into his phone?

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no offense, you can draw what you want but uh

this made me want to die

*and yes, i am acknowledging that this was made in 2014
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So he was eating yogurt.

But instead of using a spoon...

He used a picture of a spoon...

On his phone...
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So far I'm liking this project 😳😵
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Thank you for your sin.

That is all.
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The best fanart of Aiden Pearce I've ever seen!! <3 I think I've fainted. Heart Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu 
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Will never stop coming back to this picture<33
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...Are you SURE that's yogurt?
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And I would eat this yogurt The Monkey With the Nosebleed 
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im wonderding who got this 'yogurt' on his chest. lol
Anavi-Ivy's avatar *covers nose to stop nosebleed*
this rocks >: D
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Hot damn! This, I have been looking for.

Why aren't there more pin ups of this guy?
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I agree. Why are there not more pin ups of this guy? This requires rectification.
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