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A for Aquaman

By doubleleaf
I love Jim Lee's new Aquaman, those sideburns <3

For next drawing I might want to draw a character whose name starts with B. Any suggestions? :)

I will start taking new commission requests sometime this month. I'll mention in my journal when I do, so please keep an eye on it. I cannot reserve a slot for anyone in advance. The commission details on my top page might change.

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Beautiful artwork of The King Of Atlantis!

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Hey does anyone else think there should be a new Aquaman video game? Because all we have is that crappy Gamecube game "Aquaman: Battle For Atlantis"
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Only one word to describe this : OUTRAGEOUS!!! :D
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king of the sea
Ohhh Arthur, I'd love to go for a dip with you :P <3
...bulge....b-bulge.....buuuulge.....huge bulge....nice bulge but huge...huge and nice...
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-stares at it for an long unknown amount of time-

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I am look good! 
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your the only one that could pull off a cool looking Aquaman
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You should do T for Tempest/Garth :) This looks great.
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Who does not like Aquaman? Seriously, who doesn't? :D
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People who know jack about the character.
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Badass art pic you don't fuck the king of the ocean :) (Smile) 
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i love the new design too
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I love Aquaman!*-*

So do I!

He's a great character and one of the best in comics! The people who like to bash,mock and denigrate Aquaman and who think he is lame and a joke and that all he can do is ''talk to fish''are generally the ones who don't know anything about the character.

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B is for Big Barda, lol!
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Lovely! When does Mera get a chance to shine?
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Aquaman deserves more respect
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