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A few months ago I randomly ran into one of my old girlfriends from high school.  It had been over 25 years since I'd last seen her.  Age and childbearing had changed her appearance quite a bit, gaining maybe 40-50 pounds.  I still thought she looked pretty good, and I think she did too, since she was still as outgoing as ever and wore a crop top and leggings that didn't do much to hide her thick body or the cleavage that used to be in short supply years ago.

I think that encounter at least partially contributed to this story idea, which came to me fairly suddenly and only took a couple of days to write.  So many of our stories lead the reader into imagining perfect 10/10 characters in their physical primes, but what happens when two 40-somethings with some tread missing from their tires get together?  They're just lucky they didn't pull a muscle.
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Great stuff!

I do wonder if Ellen is inflatable too...