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Another long-delayed installment in the Currency universe.

One oft-overlooked fact in inflation fiction is that inflating people with air does actually make them gain weight, simply from the weight of the air: 12 cubic feet of air weighs roughly one pound.  At large sizes this can become quite significant.

Another common mistake made in stories is blowing people up with helium to sizes of 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, etc. and having them lift off.  The truth is that it takes quite a bit of helium to make someone lighter than air.  For our heroine in this story I assumed a weight of 110 pounds.  It would take almost 1600 cu.ft. of helium to cancel out her body weight.  If you put the helium inside of her without all those gallons tender then she's a 21ft blimp.  After she's been inflated with her prize winnings, it takes 16 MILLION cu.ft. of helium to make her float, nearly doubling her size.  Crazy.

As with the other stories, here's my spreadsheet that I used as the basis for all of this.
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