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What Love Leaves Behind

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By Doublecrash   |   
© 2007 - 2020 Doublecrash
This is dedicated to you.

:slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead:

Once they would've been letters. Written with purple ink and maybe tucked away, packed with a beautiful red-silk ribbon, in your great-grandmother treasure chest, up there in the attic where nobody could see them but the dust of years long gone.

Today, they are gizmos.

:slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead:

:bulletred: A virtual coffee :coffeemachine: to all those who will read the whole commentary.

:bulletred: A virtual kiss :kiss: to the first who gets the (unwanted and unvolontary) pun.

:bulletred: The viritual kiss will be complete of tongue-in :lick: if you're a woman, but will be very manly and cameratesque :manhug: if you're a man. You know, I'm virtually etero.

:bulletred: Or not. It doesn't matter. Tongue for everybody! We can quietly exchange our virtual fluids in our virtual relationships. Because nothing is real. It's all a beautiful lie.

:bulletred: Now that I think of it, we could also :hump: or plain :jackdirt: - what's the difference? Nothing is real. Everything's virtual. It's all a beautiful lie.

:bulletred: Now that I think of it, the coffee will be for everyone. You can tell me you read everything till the last line and I won't have any proof you're telling the truth. But, at the end of it all, who cares? :shrug: It's all a beautiful lie.

:slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead:

:stupidme: Now that, oboy, after twelve years (12!) of internet militance, I did. Countless times I mocked my friends and relatives, my pals and neighbors, because they drooled in front of a screen, making their poor hearts jump for pixels and not flesh. And now I *did* buy one of those gizmos. What a pitiful, real virtual dork I am.

:stupidme: If your daughter or son, your little cousin or little brother or little sister or your best friend, or your best friend's daughter or son or little cousin or little brother or little sister or his/her best friend dreams, beat him/her to a pulp. Like my father did only once in my whole childhood when I played with my li'l puffy baby-fingers in the AC socket. This is the world of logic. In the world of logic, dreams can be dangerous as a 220 Volts (110, if you're an anglo-saxon world's denizen) electric shock in a world of candle-lit rooms.

:stupidme: If you discover yourself dreaming, scold your reflected image. Spit on the mirror. You're a loser. If you catch yourself dreaming to realize an impossible dream, spitting is not enough: break the mirror altogether. Erase every hint of daydreaming from your everyday oh-so-logic life, because you can't survive.

:stupidme: We're not Tolstoij characters. You are not Pierre, you are John Smithereens. You are not Anna Karenina, you are Jane Fragmented. It's the hard truth, but someone has to tell you. Tell us. Romeo and Juliet were two stupid kids. And then, of course, they lived in the middle-ages. Kiddos. :lmao: Balance the scales, and feel the powerful and reassuring weight of logic against the wispy, cloudy cotton-candy inconsistence of dreaming with your eyes open. See? Can you feel it? It's so. Damn. Solid.

:slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead:

:stupidme: And the saddest thing is that, in all this, I am wrong and you are right. In this world, you will be happy, sane and safe-and-sound. I won't be none of these. (Ok, this last one is only partially sad, because I do want you to be happy).

:slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead:

And now... Quotes galore!

"You did that. Finally. You went to the radio-shack, fished ten bucks out of your pockets and you went home. Eager. A bit scared, may that be. You inserted the USB cable in the right place. Plug. Se-heee-exual, huh? Turned on the laptop. Opened the thingie. You name it. It's a mantra. Chant it with me, out loud. C'mon. It's fun. Ready? Let's go: Skype, Msn, Yahoo. Nope. Rhythm, damn! Rhythm! Again. Skype, Msn, Yahoo. AIM, G-Talk, Miranda. Again. Skype, Msn, Yahoo. AIM, G-Talk, Miranda... Skype, Msn, Yahoo. AIM, G-Talk, Miranda... Skype... - Feel better? No? Of course you don't."

[Steven H. Farmer, "The fiber-optic Mantra"]

:crash: :pc: :crash:

"What lady is that / which doth enrich the hand / of yonder knight?" [...] O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright! / It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night / Like a rich jewel in an Ethiope's ear; / Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear! / So shows a snowy dove trooping with crows, / As yonder lady o'er her fellows shows. / The measure done, I'll watch her place of stand, / And, touching hers, make blessed my rude hand. / Did my heart love till now? forswear it, sight! / For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night.

[William Shakespeare, "Romeo and Juliet", ACT I, Scene V (my note: here Romeo sees Juliet for the first time - The two kids never met before, nor exchanged a single word. How pitiful.)]

:crash: :pc: :crash:

"I really don't know why you cannot be with a good girl. You're smart, you're handsome, and you keep on fending off all the girls that call you, message you, visit you, ask you out. You're an adult now. You should consider to settle. Why don't you put that into your mind? Settle! [Silence] What? Oh... that again. [Silence] I forgot. [Sarcastic Tone] You want to [Utter Distaste] daydream. You want Hollywood. You wanna be Romeo, but there are no Juliets anymore, my [Very Sarcastic Tone] dear. Wake up, damn it!"

[My mother]

:crash: :pc: :crash:

"Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living."

[Anais Nin]

:crash: :pc: :crash:

"Love has reasons which reason cannot understand."

[Blaise Pascal]

:crash: :pc: :crash:

"Every man ought to be in love a few times in his life, and to have a smart attack of the fever. You are better for it when it is over: the better for your misfortune, if you endure it with a manly heart; how much the better for success, if you win it and a good wife into the bargain!"

[William Thackeray :pointl: :stupid:]

:crash: :pc: :crash:

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

[Edgar Allan Poe]

:slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead:

The End.

:slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead:

Ah, almost forgot the Copyright Notice. Here it is. But you, of course, can steal this. You can steal everything. Because nothing is real. Everything is virtual.

And it's all.

A beautiful.


:slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead:




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:megaphone: My virtual work is NOT stock.

If my virtual work is being used illegally, then legal action will be taken. If you see my virtual work being used, please virtual-message me straight away.
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DarkWarlord10k's avatar
Do you TRY to make descriptions too long to read?
Doublecrash's avatar
Nope. This was what I call "natural selection". Yeah. Like good ole' Darwin. If one gets to the end, said one can evolve into my world. With this I'm not saying that my world is something worth evolving into, mind me.
fujicho's avatar
eheh..simpatica descrizione:giggle:
CharlotteK's avatar
Great photo and interesting description.

Btw doesn't matter what the mother say, because I think that it's important to have the kid always inside you. :)
Doublecrash's avatar
Thank you Carlotta :D

Yes. I never listened to my mother, not even when I was a kid... ^^;
tresamie's avatar
Hmmmmm, Trust?:hmm: A 'beautiful lie' might be very interesting... :nod: :flirty:
Doublecrash's avatar
Yessss! :heart:

I *adore* you! That's the unvolontary pun... :glomp:

Doublecrash's avatar
You have to chose the location... :eyes:
tresamie's avatar
Virtually anywhere would be nice :flirty:
Doublecrash's avatar

now that's something! :heart: I don't know from where to virtual-start... hm... extremities?

Lover or upper?

tresamie's avatar
Ummmmmmm... lover? upper? Maybe start at the ground :flirty:
Doublecrash's avatar

You knocked me down with this one, Vivian :heart: --- and, in my KO position, I think there will be where I'll start...

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3zra's avatar
3zra Photographer
So yeahh, maybe the description is a distraction from the photo, but one i found necessary.. Without the explanation, the photo didn't make much sense to me..
But ahh it does now, and i love your cynical && allegorical reflection/extrapolation of society(holistic && indiviual) && change.
Well at least thats how i took it Xx
Doublecrash's avatar
Thank you, Erin. For the insightful and deep comment. And I think you're right, without the commentary the photo itself wouldn't have had much sense... but maybe ^^; I was a bit too logorrhoic... :)
moniqueamber's avatar
OMG OMG OMG!! i love A Beautiful Lie by 30 Seconds to Mars... its one of my fav songs! and ur hu...owge comment reminded me of it!

but coz u write so well and are some what amusing im gonna have to watch u!

nice webcam by the way!
Doublecrash's avatar
You forgot I'm a damn good 3D artist too... :rofl:

Meh. Thank you, club-boss. :worship: For the comment and the watch. And wtf I was sure I was already watchin' you... :confused: I think I got confused with the club, so do you mind if I watch you back?

And that faqing webcam says "trust"... now that's a joke, LOL.

(and oh do I love that stamp they made for you! :D it's hilarious!)
moniqueamber's avatar
yea well of course! goes without saying :smooch:
hehe thanks for the compliment on my stamp :) its all going well.. my plan to get my cleavage all over DA lol... ppl are putting it in their journals!!
Doublecrash's avatar
I just put it on mine too :D
DigitalPhenom's avatar
DigitalPhenomProfessional Digital Artist
I think the is the absolute longest description I have ever read. :lol:
Doublecrash's avatar
Whoa Steve... thanks for taking the time to go all the way down ^^;

:coffeecup: for you, my friend! :)
DigitalPhenom's avatar
DigitalPhenomProfessional Digital Artist
haha thanks bro! :D
anonymous's avatar
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