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Fade Away
Erwin, though popular with his peers always preferred to be alone. It wasn’t that he was awkward with anyone; but being alone gave him time to think of things he’d never considered before. His gaze scanned the other trainees like himself, talking to their friends saying things such as how excited they were to join the Military Police.
“Hey~ you’re Erwin Smith, correct?” A feminine voice spoke from behind him and he turned around to face you. You were shorter than him, only reaching his chest, your [eye colour] orbs bright with happiness and so were your lips formed in a smile.
“Yes. You must be…” he trailed off not knowing your name, and your smile widened even more as if you were happy to say something about yourself.
“I’m [Full Name]. I’m joining the Survey Corps!”
“You want to get yourself killed?” Erwin found himself asking before he could even think.
“Yeah! Something like tha
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Genie -Pirate!England x Reader-
To say, that Arthur Kirkland is angry would be an understatement, for the blonde Englishman was practically seething at the female – sitting on the air, floating in front of him. She's difficult; and he hated it. Being her new master, she should at least listen to him, but no – it was the other way around; the female was practically bossing her master. He simply couldn't believe it.
“Are you really not going to listen to me!?”
Looking on her nails, the female didn't tore her gaze away and bother to look at the man in front of her, yelling. She knew he was pissed, and that's what she actually intended; piss her new master off in hope that it would drive them insane and throw the lamp away – giving her freedom. So much to her dismay however, that even though the man in front of her is seething; he's just as stubborn as she is.
“No. I won't do something I'm not in favour of.”
The girl stated, not giving him a single damn making the Englishman get
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