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Lately, I've been feeling like the group has been in need of some reshaping. I think that some of the features and the structure are becoming somewhat obsolete and so I'll be attempting some changes. There shouldn't be anything too radical but if, for any reason, you deem a change inappropriate or unfair, feel free to contact me about it. This also goes for inactive people that might get removed from the list of the contributors or any deviation that might not be featured on here anymore. Hopefully these changes help in some way.
I ended up taking an extra day to judge because things were so close this time I could not pick a winner for the longest time.

-1st Position: :iconserukui: Serukui -

Mature Content

Megumin by Serukui

-2nd Position: :iconindecisive-bird: indecisive-bird - Witch miku by indecisive-bird Witch miku

And congrats to out runners up, this was a hard fought battle and your entries awesome! Sorry or the short notice on this one, I will try to give more heads up for the next contest.

Kantai collection amatsukaze vector halloween by kyuubi3000

The Witch and the Hundred Knight - Metallia by Carionto

Congratulations to our 2 winners! Please send me a message with what you would like for you prize!

I will be posting my comments on all the entries if you would like to read them.
Hey quick update I have had some requests for an extension of the contest so people can put there best work forward so I am going to be extending the deadline to this weekend.
There is going to be a short notice and short time frame contest with the theme of Cute witches, cute hats optional but recommended.

It should be Manga/Anime based and I will be the only judge, I plan on submiting an image for this but it will not qualify for prizes.

Now for the boring bits; the rules.
- The contest is starting today 10/8/17 and you will have till Halloween to finish (so October 31st)  I can be flexible on the deadline depending on the situation so if you have a question ask or send me a note.
-Your entries may range anywhere from pure vectorial to vexel, so blurs are allowed as I'm the judge.
-You may submit as many vectors/vexels as you like but only one image per person will place. So if you have the first and 3rd over all ranking image only the first will be awarded. This does not apply to the side contest.
-You must be a member of the Double-You-Vectors DA group to submit any entry. There will be no penalty for anyone who joins the group while the contest is in session.
-There won't be much restrictions on the vectoring methods, go with what you like but I keep the rights to judge something extremely lazy or unfair.
-Keep it anime related (Manga, VN, Games are fine, you know what I mean.)
-Most of the time there has been suggestion to stay away from nudity but in this contest do whatever you want just keep in mind that it does have to conform to the Deviant Art rules.
-To submit your works for judging, First, upload your vector to the group's gallery. I'll take care of moving it to the Contest folder. Second, PM me with a link to your project file (.ai/.svg).

**First Prize**
- A figure of your choice up to $125.00us (I'll take care of the shipping thats just the figure price) keep in mind that I may need to be able to order it from a US based shop.

--Second Prize**

-A A figure of your choice up to $75.00us (I'll take care of the shipping thats just the figure price) keep in mind that I may need to be able to order it from a US based shop.

**Third Prize**
There is no third prize this time sorry.

No side contest this time since its so short notice.
We've recently hit the maximum amount of contributors so I'm thinking of removing some of our least active contributors to make place to new ones. If I end up removing you and you feel that you'd like to keep the spot, sent me a Note and I'll add you back. This is only a temporary solution so if anyone has a better idea or knows how to increase the count for the limit of admins in our group, please leave a comment. I'll also be doing a bit of cleaning in the gallery so, again, if you think it was unjustified,  send me a note with some insults or something and we can talk it out.

Also, there has recently been quite a few submissions of minimalist vectors to our featured folder. These were put up for vote and declined for a few reasons. While we do welcome minimalist vectors, the said deviations were watermarked, which we'd rather stay away from in order to keep all of our vectors easy to use and be of acceptable quality for anyone that would like to print them or create high resolution wallpapers. If you'd like to review our rules, please refer to our Group info section. Secondly, the featured folder usually ends up as a mixed bag of everything people feel like submitting in it so we've locked it behind vote and have only put the contests winners in it to keep things clean. We have many folders to pick from when submitting so please choose the appropriate one. If you think our gallery could use a new type of folder for something we are missing, let me or daul know and we will gladly add it.

If you have more ideas that you think could help our group or just disagree with these actions, please let me know in the comment section below.

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