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Office 2010 RC 8.1.1 (Nov 6, '14)

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Special thanks to :iconyacine29: for allowing me to import this great theme. This theme is ONLY for Windows 8.1. Windows 8 version not available.

To see the Windows 7 version, go here :…

Credit to Yacine29 for this awesome Office 2010 RC theme template 

*Note*: There is no Final version of Office 2010, the guy has other things and he hasn't been able to make Windows 7 themes. So he's forgotten how it works and won't be able to make a Final version.


-Navigation Bar Property cleanup

-Readded Start Menu Style for StartisBack

-Fixed a few properties of the Alternate Theme

-Fixed Taskband Button (Vertical) Bug

-Changed System Tray Clock Font Size to show "Time" and "Date" on Taskbar when Small Icons on Bottom / Top.

-Fixed Taskband Buttons height.

-Changed ("Start Menu > Menus > Aero > PlaceList:ListView")'s TextGlowSize Property to "0"

-Updated Rar file. Forgot to include the Msstyle for StartisBack+

-Fixed Taskband Button text when uncombined

-Fixed Shell file

-Fixed Modern UI Animation glitch in Update 1

(Changes in Alternate version only)
-Changed the Search Bar and Address bar. It now matches the original version.
-Added New Office button for during File Search through File Explorer.
-New Navigation Button Frame.
(No changes in Original version)

-Now includes an alternate version with Windows Longhorn-styled Navigation Bar w/ Windows 7's Navigation Buttons.
-Just like the original it comes in 2 files, one with and without a Start Menu.
-When you hover over the icons on the desktop you'll notice a new image. Instead of a clear box it's a goldish box.
-A Windows 8.1 Logo has been added to the System Properties

-Released and Windows 8.1 Update 1 ready


Contents of this Package include...

-"Office 2010 RC 8.1" theme and seperate Msstyle to place the StartMenu in StartisBack's "Style" folder directory.

-"Office Orb.bmp" Start Orb for StartisBack+. This bitmap file is located inside the "Office 2010 RC" Folder.


Differences from original Windows 7 version

-Round edges are now squared. (This includes the Start Menu)

-The Search Box area of the Start Menu was slightly modified so that the Search Box area is transparent.

© 2014 - 2020 Double-Rainbow-Ei8ht
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Nice,very impressive.
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Not that I don't appreciate the work, but how do I change the color of the goldish box back to clear or another color? And is it possible to change the color on the progress bars?
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It's possible to change the progress bar colors, but you have to change them on the msstyle itself.
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this theme rock dude :D using it when i was on windows 7,and now i will use it again on my 8.1 :D
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Awesome =D Glad you like.
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Awesome for porting the style to Win 8.1! Well done!
Can you please tell me the little trick to have the context menu in the Start Screen that GRiM showed it to you? Hope it's not a secret!
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Thanks, and sure. I can tell you how to add in the Context Menu, however adding the context menu alone isn't enough. You'll experience an animation glitch with Minimizing and Closing Modern UI Apps (If you use any.) That's why this theme had to be re-imported.
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So let me get this right...
If I add the Context menu I will experience an animation glitch with Minimizing and Closing Modern UI Apps.
But if I re-import the theme the glitch will go away or this is the trick: jut to re-import the theme?
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I was trying to say that even IF you add the context menu. Modern UI Animation glitch will still be there regardless if added or not. Adding the context menu doesn't cause the animation glitch.

For now it's best to re-import the theme into the newly updated Msstyle in "Update 1" until someone figures out a way to fix this issue.
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I see now... So by importing the theme into the new update 1 msstyle will add the context menu, right?
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To add the context menu for 8.1 Msstyles (before update 1). Under "unknown" you add a class named ImmersiveStart::Menu:

Once you do that you save the msstyle, close out of WSB and then open WSB w/ the saved Msstyle. But with the Animation glitch in the modern UI will still be there so you'd have to resort to importing the Windows 7 theme
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I just can't do it! Fuck Microshit in the ass!
Even if I add the class ImmersiveStart::Menu to Unknown.

I've tried every fucking variation of importing the old window 8 VS over the new 8.1 update 1 VS and I get the damn testing error when I try to test the VS.
Sorry but I'm so damn angry and frustrated cause after spending almost 4 fucking hours on this and still failing to solve the problem.

WSB is also shit since you can't delete Classes and shit. I still have the Start Menu top thread in my theme which the new windows 8.1 VS is missing. So in the Unknown I've only got the 
ImmersiveStart::Menu class that I've added now.
So yeah... not sure what to do with this! Have any idea?
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Do you have Skype? Maybe we can talk more on there and see if we can solve this.
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Great theme. Love all the little touches, especially the reflection on the taskbar. Kudos.
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I was thinking, for those of us using Update 1 but cant use Aero Glass, could you make a version that doesnt use the text glow? I know there are a couple themes out there like the Snowy theme that offer a version that doesnt use the text glow and a version that does.
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I'd have to remove the detail on the Top Window frame in order to fix that up. None of the properties inside the Msstyle file affect that box so I'd have to at least make the top frame with no design.  However. I'm currently using a Beta version (I use to use Alpha 1 but transparency had rendering glitches) to at least have a glow around the text, the Beta 1 of Aero Glass 8.1 doesn't have transparency in Update 1 but I won't have to see the annoying solid box around the text.
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Thanks. I've updated this post btw.
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Finally, the first Visual Style that's completely compatible with Update 1 :D

One small question... How did you got the Aero to work on Update 1?
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