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Transformers Prime: Tracks


I haven't really posted a Transformers related pic since like April. That is unacceptable! XD So here is a TFP-inspired Tracks for ya!

I don't really have a fleshed out story behind this guy, but here's what I was thinking. He definitely looks a lot like a very bright, skinny version of Breakdown, and in my head, they're related... somehow. Maybe Breakdown hangs out with Knock Out because Knock Out reminds him of Tracks. Tracks' car mode is a blue corvette, and as of now, he's hella mad at the fact that he's all scratched up. :p

It was very fun to do this guy, and I can't wait to start designing some other bots as well! I'm planning already thinking about Mirage, Blurr, and Blaster. I was also thinking about doing the protectobots as well, but I'm a little hesitant because of the fact that they're a combiner (TFP defensor probably will destroy my life).

And omg, the season finale of TFP Season One? I think my heart stopped for a few good seconds. SO GOOD!!! Orion Pax is too adorable, and I can't wait to see how his situation pans out in season two! ^^

Cheers guys!

The series so far:
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Headcanon: Knockout is actually Tracks, after the war he changed his name to be more of an Autobot and when his eyes turned blue he changed his color scheme to match.

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I still like him? Yes. It's tracks in Transformers G1 and Prime

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I kinda think Tracks would be the Knockout of the autobots if he were in Prime
Yeah but with a few differences
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Very nice design. 

Amazing. I hate how Aligned Tracks is just a cameo in RID 2015, as Tracks is one of my favourite Autobots. I bet this Tracks could be a redeco of Knock Out.

Looks like Knock Out's got competition!
sasukedarkflame's avatar
Cant wait to see Jazz and Blaster....
B.T.W. to be honest this coulda been the mold for Breakdown Before he Buffed up and left The Stunticons
TastesLikChicken's avatar
I really need/needed this tbh
TianaAtana's avatar
Please make Ironhide next.
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This is AMAZING! I love how you design these guys for the TFP-style. I noticed you did everyone you mentioned (plus two more), except Blaster. Do you think you might still do it? I love that character :)
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hehe, thank you! As of now, it's not on my list, so busy with other things. But thank you again, I'm glad that you like it!
moondancer11silver's avatar
That's understandable. Most artists have that problem, which sucks.
And yoou're wlcome! I hope to see more art like this from you! :D
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cars have never looked so sexy!! or something like that
sasukedarkflame's avatar
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SO sexy. I'm a fangirl and he is included in my list of many Autobots I love
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This is my favorite piece of yours. I can't explain why, but it just sticks out. Excellent work!
sasukedarkflame's avatar
Thats Tracks for you....
No matter what...He ALWAYS Sticks out
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The gorgeousness will be the end of me...
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It's KnockOut as a bot!
sasukedarkflame's avatar
That makes sense
Twilightnite's avatar
Are you going to do one of Blaster?
Aang10's avatar
He looks like a porsche
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