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Steven Universe: Steven and the Stevens!

By dou-hong
Also, I have made a youtube, check it out! I play through games like Undertale and Never Alone; I also do reviews of tv shows and toys (Steven Universe)! If you are from deviantart, leave a comment on a video letting me know who you are!


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Everyone lookin' fly in their casuals!

COMPILATION POST | Jasper and the Jaspers! | Greg and the Gregs! Special Feature | Peridot and the Peridots! | Lapis Lazuli and the Lapis Lazulis! | Rose Quartz and the Rose Quartzes! | Steven and the Stevens! | Pearl and the PearlsAmethyst and the Amethysts! | Garnet and the Garnets! | GEMS in SU STYLE

Steven Universe: Garnet and the Garnets! by dou-hong Steven Universe: Amethyst and the Amethysts! by dou-hong Steven Universe: Pearl and the Pearls! by dou-hong  Steven Universe: Rose and the Roses! by dou-hong Steven Universe: Lapis and the Lazulis! by dou-hong Steven Universe: Peridot and the Peridots! by dou-hong

Bullet; Blue Also, if interested, I'm having a gemsona contest on my tumblr, and there are already a lot of lovely entries, many of them from dA! Ends May 30th, 2015!Bullet; Blue 
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i absolutely love the outfit you gave garnet! ;A; :heart:
Anythinganamatoinz's avatar
Were gonna make you smile,
Ryanth3kill3r's avatar
Is it weird that peridot looks like Steven if he was Nora universe
Ryanth3kill3r's avatar
Annabeast777's avatar
Love this Garnet
zebG's avatar
Is Steven doing the Bird is the Word dance?
dylandevianfriend's avatar
There's about 9,000000000000000000 stars
Nimwiit's avatar
steven and the stevens
SilverWolfMyght's avatar
That's really wow.
Nucroese's avatar
Amethyst looks pretty cute tbh
benltolte's avatar
Quick! Get a chainsaw! Something's wrong with Pearl's face!
SamanthaahRivera's avatar
Omg pearl looks like Jamie! 😂😂😂
NuktasticArxher's avatar
Steven tag XTreme
ScribblyFandoms7's avatar
Steven and the Stevens
were gonna make you smile~
Lovli323's avatar
Steven, Steven, and Steveeen. AND STEVEN
Jioseph-superfan63's avatar
Steven and the Stevens done right!
tomandfriends's avatar
Garnet sort of looks like tobiases mom
MimForReal's avatar
Steven and the Stevens, are gonna make you smile. Me, myself, and I, and him, ARE ALL THE SAME GUY
SuperSUfan's avatar
love the way you did Pearl and Garnet (especially Garnet, well i actually like all of the versions of Garnet you drawn probably this one and the Rose Garnet ones are my faves)
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handsome young man:pearl
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