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Steven Universe: Rose and the Roses!

Also, I have made a youtube, check it out! I play through games like Undertale and Never Alone; I also do reviews of tv shows and toys (Steven Universe)! If you are from deviantart, leave a comment on a video letting me know who you are!


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In which everyone has fantastic hair, lol

COMPILATION POST | Jasper and the Jaspers! | Greg and the Gregs! Special Feature | Peridot and the Peridots! | Lapis Lazuli and the Lapis Lazulis! | Rose Quartz and the Rose Quartzes! | Steven and the Stevens! | Pearl and the PearlsAmethyst and the Amethysts! | Garnet and the Garnets! | GEMS in SU STYLE

Steven Universe: Garnet and the Garnets! by dou-hong Steven Universe: Amethyst and the Amethysts! by dou-hong Steven Universe: Pearl and the Pearls! by dou-hong Steven Universe: Steven and the Stevens! by dou-hong  Steven Universe: Lapis and the Lazulis! by dou-hong Steven Universe: Peridot and the Peridots! by dou-hong

Bullet; Blue Also, if interested, I'm having a gemsona contest on my tumblr, and there are already a lot of lovely entries, many of them from dA! Ends May 30th, 2015!Bullet; Blue 
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Steven looks like Johnny Bravo
EpicHair's avatar
Why do I find Amethyst-Rose's outfit so strange and so interesting at the same time?
dpa112090's avatar
Tunnel Snakes Rule!!!!!
bbb35's avatar
Garnets hair is pure gold. Your genius!! :iconinloveplz:
raloibsp1's avatar
i love this art, steven looks like josuke from jojo XD
ElvisZombie's avatar
Animeboyianpower's avatar
It's a Rose Garden!
T-BoneandorNeelson's avatar
I just noticed that Steven and Garnet's hairdos look like hairdryers.

Am I the only one who sees that?
dylandevianfriend's avatar
Pearl is in tears when looking at this
Mew-Shadowfang's avatar
All those curls must've been horrible to draw.
EbbiTheTigress's avatar
aww amie looks cute
Family-Ism's avatar
there all so pretty.........and then there's pearl she looks very snazzyLlama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1]   
Amethdot's avatar
Can't stop laughing at pearl's hair and pearl's face. XD
Uncontrollable-Chaos's avatar
You should do bismuth, Ruby, Sapphire, and "bloodstone" next! I've seen all your shapeshifts and rose is my favorite!
zeetrip's avatar
Are you going to do more of these, because I want to see more of these.
chromosaure's avatar
Omg garnet is the best
KitKat2345's avatar
Is it bad they remind me of the five muses from Hercules?
essel22's avatar
No. i got the same thinking XD
NaraUmeki's avatar
RaincStar's avatar
UniKICKS's avatar
Pearls hair I'm dead xD
danail24's avatar
Dayum! Garnet as a Rose Quartz looks so sexy and classy at the same time! :D
RainikaWerewolf13's avatar
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