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Steven Universe: Rose Fusions


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Rose Quartz fusions! From left to right!

Yellow Topaz (123lionclan)  Rose Quartz + Pearl

Fluorite (lonely-fantastic)   Rose Quartz + Amethyst

Thulite (boogiekun)   Rose Quartz + Ruby

Kunzite (xwickedxredheadx)  Rose Quartz + Sapphire

Thank you for all the wonderful notes and comments sent my way about suggestions. These were the first suggestions that I picked, but many of you guys picked the same gems for each combinations! ^^


Bullet; Blue Also, if interested, I'm having a gemsona contest on my tumblr, and there are already a lot of lovely entries, many of them from dA! Ends May 30th, 2015!Bullet; Blue 

Steven Universe Crystal Gems +Complete+ by dou-hong <da:thumb id="516912741"> <da:thumb id="526104164"> <da:thumb id="530418231"> 

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this is soooo funny
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These are pretty awesome!
Fluorite look like Ursula from "The Little Mermaid"
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Wow! That's pretty awesome!
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That is so cool!!
You´re making me jealous!!
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I just love how in all of the fusions Steven is there all proud like: "Yup that's my mom!"
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Oh mann
Rose + Pearl =Rainbow Quartz
Rose (Steven) + Amethyst = Smokey Quartz
These would have been awesome fusions to see on the show!
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i have seen the fusion of ruby and rose and sapphire and rose in youtube
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Opal just standing there forgetting how she got there and why she's there lol
Great art btw
goodflypikachu's avatar
what opal doing here?
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My Favorite one is the Amethyst and rose fusion.
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Love u arts, follow this link
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Steven and his many moms
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Um, Rose Quartz + Pearl is actually Rainbow Quartz.
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did you check the date?
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Said is what you could say has dou-hong for my request if I can set opalite so that I draw her?
LunaTheNightFury's avatar
uhh... what? I didn't understand that.
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I said said is what you could say has dou-hong for my demand(request) if I can set opalite and aqua marinate so that I draw them?
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Yes. I know, as I do watch the show.
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