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Steven Universe Gemsona Extravaganza


Also, I have made a youtube, check it out! I play through games like Undertale and Never Alone; I also do reviews of tv shows and toys (Steven Universe)! If you are from deviantart, leave a comment on a video letting me know who you are!


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Oh dA, how I've missed you, lol! Haven't been here in a while!

More Gemsonas! Some of you who have been following me for a while have probably seen about half of these concepts already in my earlier gemsona post. Obviously, most of the ones that I’ve designed prior have changed. Since Opal and Peridot have popped up in the show, I’ve changed their names.

Other gem designs below!

Stevonnie Fusions | Pearl/Garnet Fusion | Gemsonas [One][Two][Three]

I think I honestly had a harder time picking the names of the gems rather than designing them, lol. If you want to make your own gemsona, but having thinking of gems, check out Gem Select | Gem Hut | Minerals by Name. When you’re done, show your creation off at gemsona-hq too, a great archive of gemsonas on tumblr.



Steven Universe Crystal Gems +Complete+ by dou-hong Steven Universe Gemsona Extravaganza by dou-hong Steven Universe Gemsona Contest - Ends Nov 13th! by dou-hong Steven Universe: Rose Fusions by dou-hong 

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My version of Amazonite, yours is super unique and cool though!

Amazonite - Gemsona
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These are some pretty cool designs. My favourite ones are Hematite, Gneiss, and Opalite. <3 I really like Hematite because he seems like one of those really crazy hermit guys. Plus, he looks a bit like a skeleton, and those little hairs on his head are pretty neat lookin'. I like Gneiss because her dress is pretty and her hair's cool. Not to mention her eyes! Look at her eyes! Finally, Opalite! Imagine if Pearl was a princess and she was slightly shorter and cuter. That's all I can say. Her hair is like a big cloud!!!

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I still love these, and I can't believe how uptight people were and how rude they were about fan designs you made before any more canon gems coming out and the fusions. Like it's not that serious y'all LMAO.

also that Rebecca Sugar doesn't own the concept of personifying gems, just her own designs/characters, so you can make em look however you want, and honestly your designs are so unique and interesting and I like that many of them aren't humanoid/represent humans and instead look like actual aliens.... you know what the gems are, not human.

These are great and such diverse designs that I wish we could've seen more of in the actual show, and I feel like they also embody they're gem types in terms of the type, roughness and formation in the real world!

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I have to admit, even though many canon gems have been introduced. These ones are still very unique and diverse. The Diamond up here definitely looks more like a badass villain and would have been interesting to see.

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It's funny how different they ended up becoming
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The diamond kinda looks like Undyne

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I'm guessing this was drawn before the addition of Ruby, Safire, Spinel, and Japser.

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yeah it says 2015

Now sure if you're aware cause I could find your name but someone is selling your weird on a shower curtain

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I love how Agate looks like a luchador!
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Bloodstone actually looks like a character from Welcome To The Wayne

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i like how your designs are literally so much more diverse and interesting to look at than the rebecca sugar official ones. one look at them and i already can sorta tell what they'll be like, and i like how they all maintain different levels of looking humanoid -- some of them look like creatures while others look more human. 
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amazonite has a cool design.
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I would like to see an ugly gem for a change.
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I was about to list all of my favorite gemsonas but I just realised I like all of them except for emerald and bixbite
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Good place to still look for gem ideas, even if a lot have been shown and named.

My god we've come such a long way from only knowing our 3 gems lol
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gneiss kinda looks like a really gothic version of meg from hercules lmao
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Onyx: GLAAAABALDURDON!! (Monster sounds)
 (Translation): and you didn't add ME! YOU WILL PAY DEARLY FOR THIS!!

Nah, it's cool. I really don't care either way.
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imagine if these ruby and sapphire fused
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Sapphire here looks like a defective tall aquamarine, not being rude or anything.
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I love all of them,and love how spinel looks how she's from the 70s
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i dont like bixbite and emerald, the rest have awesome designs!
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