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Steven Universe: Bismuth Fusions (added names)


 First Merge Rainbow Quartz + Opal by dou-hong Steven Universe: Steven Fusions by dou-hong Forced Gem Fusions Pt. 2 by dou-hongForced Gem Fusions by dou-hongSteven Universe: Rose Fusions by dou-hong

Fusion List: Bismuth | Lapis [1] | Pearl/Garnet | Rose[1][2] | Steven |Stevonnie | Gemsonas [1][2][3][COMP][Size Chart] Gemsonas in SU [1][2]Fanart of my Gemsonas

“Bismuth” was the half hour special I always wanted! Haha, awesome, awesome episode! Here are some fusions designs that have been floating around my brain ever since I first saw the rainbow warrior. Feels good to get back on track, so thank you all for being patient with me. I plan on more sheets soon, maybe focusing on Peridot or Jasper

I know that I haven’t posted here in a long time, but I have been a bit busy with my youtube channel. I have uploaded a review for nearly every episode in Steven Nuke so far, so join me for discussion!


Any suggestions for the next batch of fanart? :)

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Now I'm really disappointed we never got to see Bismuth fuse in the show...

The Bismuth/Rose one is probably my favorite out of these lot.

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The Jasper/Bismuth fusions face. LOL

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the one with ameythest

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Peridot + Bismuth = Devo
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this is amazing! your art looks so awsome!
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chalcopyrite Charoite do not steal
roadbuster216's avatar
Hey dou-hong i have a request for you if that is oh ok with you?
heavy147's avatar
I laughed when i saw the Jasper one 
Jessens98's avatar
I'm so in love with these! <3
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Why is the Jasper fusion so monstrous though? :/
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That jasper fuision though
SmollFairy's avatar
Pietersite! Yes! So amazing!
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i don't know if you'll hear this bud..or ever will...i don't know what happened to you..i don't hear anything from you anymore and i worry,
 wait it's almost a year [i think] and you vanished, there have been no updates, no art..and because of that i worry..i want to see at least a reply from you because i don't know why but i'm worried sick..i just hope you're alright..
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Bismuth and jasper fusion on steroids 
kdog566's avatar
one year from now since an update, miss seeing your works. 
kewlbreeze12's avatar
ikr. i really hope she's ok
chilaok's avatar
Oh mama, Charoite and Rainbow Chalcopyrite just say "here is your big mama!" with all the style and endurance
wouldn’t bismuth fused with steven be the same with bismuth and rose or vise versa
Ludwigsacutie's avatar
Yes! He called the Steven/Bismuth fusion "Stuth" because It's basically a fusion of the name Steven and Bismuth, like Stevonnie. But the gem would be the same of Bismuth and Rose :)
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Lonsdaleite: my gemsona 
appearance-like this but some tweaks with the face…

weight-35 tons
gem location-a vault embedded in the area of his chest where his heart might be (he keeps it hidden under his custom indestructible robes)
personality-silent sullen sentinel (say that five times fast)
fusions-impossible due to mechanical form
powers-can remotely fuse other gems, can copy other gems' powers, dancing and fighting as though he were light as a feather, creating temporary clones of gems to aid himself in battle, hypnotizing opponents by rapidly spinning his Parasol and changing its design, eating gems to recharge
age-pre-great diamond authority 
hobbies-waiting for home world gems to attack, eating home world gems, practicing for battle, practicing his dancing
bio- a mighty automaton constructed by the first gem empire, an ancient civilization that pre-dated the great diamond authority but was quickly destroyed by their superior technology and numbers due to the diamonds' injectors, lonsdaleite was built by the last who were loyal to the first gem empire, and he was built to destroy any home world gem which stood in his path, even the diamonds themselves, but lonsdaleite's indestructible core activated too late and he awoke in a barren wasteland which was once the capital of the mighty gem empire, alone and without purpose, lonsdaleite decided to roam the galaxy using his warp core, which was constructed similarly to the warp pads of the diamond authority, so he now uses his powerful warping abilities to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no gem has gone before!!!
Ludwigsacutie's avatar
I'm sorry but... What does this have to do?
You answered to the user with something that doesn't have to do with anything that he said...
Nedea-the-Champion's avatar
This was me throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what stuck, like evolution
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