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First Merge Rainbow Quartz + Opal

Steven Universe: Bismuth Fusions by dou-hong  Steven Universe: Steven Fusions by dou-hong Forced Gem Fusions Pt. 2 by dou-hongForced Gem Fusions by dou-hongSteven Universe: Rose Fusions by dou-hong

I had so much fun with these! Hopefully I can do the other fusions as well! :)

Also, having my 1000 subscriber giveaway on youtube! Please, check it out!

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That’s a nice Rainbow
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I love how you did Opal's hair:love: !! And this is really lovely!!  graceful steven Gif Great job!!
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They look fabulous! Love the idea of first-fusion designs having parts of the gems' outfits. It's like the physical appearance has to evolve over time with the minds of the gems.
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Just gorgeous! I have no other words to describe this. Keep up the great work!
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This art is amazing, have u ever thought of doing Connie and the Connies?
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Maybe one day!
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They look amazing!
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woah!! it's so good! almost looks like the actual style of the show xD

oh please do more first merge fusions >U< you're art is so good!

literally speechless i haven't seen this before! like i was just gonna have my favorites be random stuff i find funny or whatever, but man i can't even !! plz do more excited happy 
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Why Opal looks so cute here oml-
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I like your art so much <3 
Steven Quartz Universe Emote 6 
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I have thought about drawing "first merged gem fusions" before but never like this.GIF Steven Universe - So Cute! 
Your art is simply stunningRose Quartz Emote 2 
Keep up the amazing art, dudeRose Quartz Emote 6   
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They look so gorgeous!  XD
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very interesting!
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Woah, these are incredible! You did a great job on these two! I love the ideas. Hopefully, you can do the other fusions soon!
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Now you've got me thinking about first time Sardonyx and Sugitilite! Ahh!!
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so very awesome :)
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Interesting how you're doing a "First Fusion" collection. Although, personally, I'm not convinced with Rainbow Quartz's colors. I keep thinking it's the lighting.
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