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I feel like a broken record, but here goes... ^^;

I'm back! Again... for like the third or fourth time. XD

Long story short... started college, got a job at Bath and Body Works, draws like crazy, gets little sleep.

Today is the last day of my month long break, and go figures, it's the day that I actually get a piece of artwork done. ^^ I'm so proud of it! My friend practically forced me to watch it, and believe me, I was really skeptical.. and I mean REALLY skeptical. I had seen the designs and I was like huh? Well, after watching it, I've been hooked on transformers. Granted, the story line was a little patched, but the special effects were amazing. The characters were great, Sam and Mikaela, Lennox, all of them. The voice actors were great as well. I would start babbling at all the little things, but I won't torture you.

I have a hard time drawing the transformers as they are in the movie, so I've taken the liberty to humanize them without making them human. XD

I find it hard to reply to comments, but to let you know before hand, I really do appreciate all of your comments and favs. Thanks guys!
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