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Lisa Yadomaru of Bleach

*full view pls*a small little warning cos of use of real hentai covers

giftart for :iconmoemichan: because she is the 100th person to fav the Soi Fon art work i did, thanks so much!

Well he/she asked for Lisa Yadomaru of the Vizards in Bleach, here she is.
Reading... take a wild guess without fullscreening if you know Bleach XD

ohh and ya, Hirako and Hiyori on the left, ehehe.

thanks all, enjoy!
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Oh god, I know what hentai is she reading...
DotWork-Studio's avatar
ahaaahaaa XDD thanks!
evcik's avatar
awwww I lvoe this XDDDD it made my day!!! :la:
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For some reason the book she is reading seems so very very familiar. Awesome work. Tho I prefer Soifon over all other females in bleach. Awesome work tho like I said.
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Lisa is my favorite vizard,i mean a girl who loves porn and doesn't seem to mind reading predominately lesbian porn of Ranigku,Orhime and Yourichi ganging up on Icighio
DotWork-Studio's avatar
bahaha! you know, wouldn't they kill those people who make porn comics of them...

thanks! XD
345rv5's avatar
probably,depends on the person your showing.

Rankigu probably wouldn't mind so much,let's be honest,she isn't the most modest woman in the world,we are taking about the very same woman in episode 228, at the scenes of the next episode, was going to strip naked because nobody complimented her extremely skimpy swimsuit not to mention she tried unsuccessfully - to bribe Ichigo Kurosaki into letting her stay at his house,she'll probably kill you for not asking her premisson though or giving her the money from the pictures.she frequently referring or complaining about her large breasts in normal casual conversation, much to the embarrassment/amusement of anyone around at the time. She is not above using her considerable feminine charms to get her way

Yourichi is also another one who doesn't seem to care that much about modesty,though not to the degree of Rankigu,Yoruichi is quite laid-back and playful, often teasing or flirting with those younger than her,after all she is the same woman who flashed icgho sereval times nude and doesn't mind being nude in front of men,though i think she does that privately.i'm not sure she will like the idea of having public porn pics of her,she probably will go ninja on them and kill them.

Orhime,yeah she will defiantly not like that idea,she is a shy innocent girl who seems very modest with her appearance,she will probably won't kill them,sh e will feel violated and sad that they invaded her privacy.this girl will have trouble being nude around icigho around her frist time of having sex,i seriously doubt that she will be comfortable with millions of men knowing how her gentaila and breasts look like without clothes on.

Icigho the other hand will definably kill you,he is uncomfortable around nude or immodestly dressed women, a fact both Rangiku Matsumoto and Yoruichi Shihōin have teased him for.he'll probably beat you down just for taking a picture of him in his underwear.he seems very inseucre just with kon kissing taskui and orhime inside his body,i think he will go Bankai on your ass if you so much as get a nude picture of him much less get pictures of him having sex.

and how did Rankigu and Yorucichi get cigho to do this,more impornalty how did they get orhime to go along with it.XD
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Your deviation has been featured in this news article!
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nice, thanks for the link!
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Lol, that's pretty funny! And the artwork is great too :)
DotWork-Studio's avatar
lol, well.. when i make a fanart i mostly wanna pull off something funny in it, haha

sarugaki339's avatar
I try to as well, you remember it more :D
I just did a funny one with Shinji and Hiyori, which I actually got the idea after seeing this drawing that you did. Just seeing Hiyori about hit Shinji gave me good inspiration lol
PegasusKnightTrombe's avatar
Hahaha, Lisa is such a naughty girl.

Love the drawing.
DotWork-Studio's avatar
lol! hell yeah, :spank:

Arringtastic1992's avatar
Excuse me. Can you hear me? Can you take requests? Draw Karin vs Shaia from Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer intro DotWork-Studio 
InfamousTamago's avatar
The girls on the cover look more like Juri and Anthy from Utena to me. Great piccy ^_^
DotWork-Studio's avatar
eheh, well it kinda makes sense in a way,

lazerkirby95's avatar
i see rangiku and yoruichi on the cover
DotWork-Studio's avatar
hahaha, you guessed it right, haahh!

lazerkirby95's avatar
lol. do i win anything? anyways, what were they doing anyway?:laughing::lmao::lol::rofl::teleport:
DotWork-Studio's avatar
this part.... you gotta find out urself, lolz.
lazerkirby95's avatar
i found out by looking at it full view. i saw that pic on thecover before. ichigo has a fivesome with yoruichi, rangiku, orihime, and rukia! why did you put that on the cover?
DotWork-Studio's avatar
cos doesnt Lisa like reading Hentai?
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