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March 30, 2021
something comforting by Dotswap
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something comforting


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i like to joke that aiden is the group 'couch therapist' out of all 7 of my ocs
hes the one most of them come to with their problems bc hes a very good listener, and the solutions he offers are usually either a nap or food (which tbh most of the time when i dont feel well one or the other helps the problem atleast a little bit)

nobody really knows about aidens own problems, not because they dont ask, he's just very reserved and he thinks more about the group as a whole instead of just himself. and, tbh aidens problems arent *as* severe as my other characters, but that does not mean they arent valid and that they should be ignored.

but, boris is very nosy and if he can't figure you out he will in time. he's also the oldest in the group and despite being veiled in uhm... free spirited shenanigans, he is BY FAR the most emotionally mature and can feel empathy and tolerance for the most niche problems.

so boris is like... the only person aiden is really vulnerable around. or atleast easily vulnerable. its not that hes in denial i dont think. he just forgets himself.
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Congrats on the dd!

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I feel the emotion <3

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Nice work!!! :clap: Congrats on your DD!

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So sweet! Amazing talent
Aww So Cute 😍😍
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This is so beautiful holy heck

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My tear ducts have been impacted this piece is so achingly beautiful.
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