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out on a limb

summer is here and the blue sky has me all types of inspired. neon blue is Rasha’s color for sure, so here’s my baby mutant being lovable and hazardous :,)

this is also a nod to a similar composition i did last year, but with this one i tried harder to represent his playful/reckless energy more. art is not only visually challenging but it’s also important to make the viewer easily understand the vibe of the character/situation happening in the image, so i’m trying hard at doing so!!!

also, some ppl seemed concerned for him getting electrocuted when i showed the WIP of this on instagram 😂 trust me, the issue here isn’t Rasha getting fried, it’s a city blackout ⚫️👅⚫️
i think he sort of… swallows electricity and static, empowering him significantly. (for better or worse) hence him being able to fill up the entire sky with his dark matter 🤭
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Amazing perspective!

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so long that he has fun and doesn't fall down, then i fully support my beloved rasha