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Today is my character Cassidy’s birthday!

I struggled a tad to figure out a cool concept for her, but I’m really really REALLY happy with the result.
This is kind of a symbolic way to show her powers, too! To those that don’t know - she is possessed by her dead brother who can communicate with wandering spirits and translate it back to her, so she works as a medium.

Most of her work consists of finding someone missing, a corpse or communicating with a spirit, so she’ll sort of ask around the nearby spirits to point her in the right direction, and while this sounds easy, I imagine it’s really tricky because most spirits still wander because of unfinished business, so some of them will be vengeful, manipulative or straight up lie. Cass and her brother kind of have to weed out the trickster spirits and play clue, almost XD Aaaahhh I think this concept is so cool...
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This concept is so awesome! I love the idea of the ghosts having the ability to help her or hinder her, Some pointing the right way others pointing her the wrong way. Like it can be purely and evil spirit or maybe one trying to point her to help it instead wanting to deal with its unfinished business

The art itself looks fantastic your work has such a soft yet defined style I love it

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I've been wondering for some time; just how do you make your pieces look so soft?

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thank you! you can duplicate certain layers, set them to blur + lower the opacity to create a soft feel. i usually do this with my lineart to make it less harsh, and for this piece in particular i did so with her hair/skin/shirt as well to sort of create a glowing effect.

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Thank you for replying^^

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this looks so fucking doppee

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