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it is very much my luck to have an oc birthday coming up and being as unprepared as possible 

nevertheless, here’s a small doodle to celebrate the 8th anniversary of my character Aiden 🥺 happy birthday my soft leo man child baby.

also!! yes! i’m drawing him with longer hair now and i’m not completely sure i like it yettttt 🤔 i just love the idea of a homemade messy mullet for him but maybe it’s too much. thoughts? i can always cut it shorter again… ✂️
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Have zero idea why you stop your youtube channel but love your art still and always.

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not sure why youd ask this 3 years after i stopped uploading - but i stopped because recording videos gave me immense amount of stress and the yt art community was very unkind to me. i apoligize for the inconvenience it may have caused and appreciate the support.

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I didn't know you had a Da and didn't look at the description, why I contacted you now. I'm sorry if you had that on youtube, people do that to me too but I over look it because it's life. I'm very butthead and don't give a damn what others say.

I wanted to say every month I watch your videos because you did inspire me. I just wanted you to know that it does still bring me joy and means a lot even though you may think not from why you left.

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Yoo, i love this design so much holy- this is so beautiful ;0;