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Frank's Application

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Frank's application for Duskmoor Academy:

Name: Take a wild guess
Age: 27
Species: Human
Class: Advanced coffee-sipping
Class Difficulty: Extreme
Personality: Mostly likable
Likes: Coffee, himself, video games, adventure, pigs
Dislikes: Alyx Langton
Skills: Place blocks
Strengths: Survive in extremely cold areas
Weaknesses: Scared of all things green
Other: Counts himself among the elite, looks down on the middle class. Though without a steady income, our bearded hero sailed to "the Promised Lands" (unbeknownst it was actually America and he could've just flown a plane). His ship wrecked, he swam to the shores and started punching trees with his bare hands. May have been caused due to trauma. Found a castaway, he was taken to the hospital where he learned his profession
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Haha, accepted.