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just the like of kites

4h pencil and 5 hours coloring
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Kite in the Sky is a real treat for the eyes. Kites are still alive and popular as ever in this piece, even when nowadays we hardly see kites flown in real life. With thanks to =dothaithanh's talents brings a child-like wonder to a world where kites are flown even while jumping from rooftop to rooftop.

The excitement and wonder this piece brings shows a child-like innocent many of us might have forgotten about but sure enough its still there. Only buried deep inside our hearts.

The last thing I can truly say is this is certainly an inspiration for all searching for the child within and the wonder that kites has long captured or even the wonder of how majestic things could grace the skies with its vibrant designs and colour. The clouds and the sky sport a late afternoon that's not soo quiet as people would think.

We are all connected by the kites in the sky. This piece's message is vast and certainly touches hearts such as mine when this is looked upon. And we're certainly not alone when we see others doing the same: spending a day their kites. ;D