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Wearing Red to a Wedding by OutsideFate, visual art

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Melt by OutsideFate, visual art


Daisychain by OutsideFate, visual art

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Flight by OutsideFate, visual art


////////_ o v e s t r u c k SWEETHEART by OutsideFate, visual art

Artist // Hobbyist // Digital Art
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List of fully supported languages:

English, Danish.

Partially supported: Russian, German

Software used: UltraFractal 6.03 (Main workhorse) Photoshop CS5.1 (For frames and minor postwork)

Q: Those are some nice images you have there! How did you paint it/take the photo/where did you take it from the internet?

A: Thanks, but they are (mostly anyways) not photographs or "real" paintings. They are fractals. To say it simply, infinite shapes made by math. I just happen to "paint" with numbers instead of acrylic. Since fractals can scale up and down infinitely, I can render a fractal in virtually any size I want.

Usually, I create my pieces with UltraFractal, and the only post-work I do is sharpening when manual downsampling fails me.

Q: Where can you be found?

A: Nowhere. I have a discord and a telegram, but those are only for people I know.

Q: Do you roleplay?

A: Yes, I play Exalted, Mage the Awakening, Orpheus and pretty much any other WW/OPP game sans Vampire. I can't stand those edgy, moody mothersuckers.

Q: Color or Colour?

A: Colour.

Q: 50 1 H34RD U L!3K MUDK195?

A: Fuck off.

Q: Can I get a Llama Badge?? A: Fuck off x2. Llama badges were a stale April Fool's joke that only got worse by sticking around for a decade.

Q: What is art??

A: Art is a piece of craft in a media one is able to perceive with one or more of our five senses that conveys either a message from the artist, an emotion or just an ambient feeling. Therefore, your crappy sonic recolour is not art. It is just a crappy piece of craft. Deal with it.

Personal Quote: "Schrödinger's Cat. Wanted Dead or Alive"

Favourite Visual Artist
Yayoi Kusama, Bridget Riley, Karl Åge Riget
Favourite Movies
Kara no Kyuokai 1-8
Favourite TV Shows
Symphogear, Madoka Magica, Fate/Stockholm Syndrome, NANA, Mob Psycho 100
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Powerwolf, Apehpanemer, Takamachi Walk, Killswitch Engage, t.A.T.u. , Yuki Kajiura, BLAST, TRAPNEST, Alice Cooper, Anna Tsuchiya
Favourite Games
Final Fantasy Dissidia 012, Broken Reality, The Binding of Isaac, TF2
Favourite Gaming Platform
Original paper RPG. Digital: PSP
Tools of the Trade
UltraFractal, Photoshop CS5.1, My workhorse laptop
Other Interests
Vivienne Westwood, chocolate, cherries
They're seriously starting to clog up my feed so bad. Sure, they're a fun novelty, but come on.
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I've been noticing that deviantART has been awfully quiet over the past two years I've been back. I remember 2010-2014 era deviantART where an upload could easily reach +10 comments on a slow day, but now in 2022, people just silently favouriting pieces without much feedback. I know that the Eclipse update basically murdered inter-community interaction by killing off all previously fondly used features like the chat and neglecting the forums and user groups, but I didn't expect it to be this barren. dA staff have tried to implement those frankly insulting pre-generated comment suggestions, and is therefore aware of the problem, but the approach is at best tone deaf. So, what do you guys think about it? Any other dA oldies who have anything to say about this?
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Seriously, dA staff?? How did you get this one through testing?? Who thought manually marking individual mortifications to clear them was the way forward? We're in 2022, not 1992. The old ones worked just fine, but the new notification system you've made is perhaps the worst one I've ever tried, and that's saying something from a guy whose first exposure to the internet was through the VERONICA/GOPHER protocol.
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Thank you for the Diamond Badge!

You're welcome! It is my pleasure to award this absolute classic!

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Thank you so much!! I'm glad you like my work!

Thank you for the fave :)

No worries! it's rare I find a 3D fractal I actually enjoy, so it is well deserved!

Amazing, all great works my guy, my eyes are hooked!