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Pokemon GenI-VI with Megas

All Pokemon and Mega Pokemon as of the end of 2013. Sizes are according to those found in the pokedex.
A few notes:

The "height" of snake-like Pokemon is treated as "length"
The "height" of Pokemon with a measurable wingspan is treated as "wingspan"
All other Pokemon are true to the given height.
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You wouldn't be able to share this in an SVG format would you?  That'll be great.

Because some of the Pokémon are too small to see properly.  So an SVG or even biiigger PNG would be amazing.
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Warlord's just like, "LOVE ME I'M THE BLUE ONE'
how can i download this image with the full resolution??
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I can't wait for the OR/AS updates! :D Will you consider selling these as posters at some point? I'd love to buy one and have it framed on my wall. Do you have any estimate of how big this would be if it WAS a poster? I'd imagine it being very huge.
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Update is already posted on my deviantart page :)

I'm trying to find the best place to print these right now. I've tried a couple places already and I'm still looking.

The dimensions will be 24x36 inches.
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Wow, that is massive and I love it.
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Do you have these actual true heights in table number form? I'm making my own little DB and the not heights get in the way
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I don't. I looked them all up on bulbapedia.
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Thank you for the reply.
But how did you get the height (not length) of snake-like pokemon like ekans, arbok, dratin and dragonair?
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I used the given measurement on bulbapedia and assumed it was:

Height for standing pokemon
Length for longer pokemon
Wingspan for most flying pokemon
Woah, this is amazing! Looking at Joltik and then looking at Wailord is hilarious haha.
chibisuke-hikaru's avatar
just got hell dizzy just trying to find chimecho haha
chibisuke-hikaru's avatar
why didnt you put the other forms of deoxys??
chibisuke-hikaru's avatar
why didnt you put diancie and mega diancie?? 
DOTBstudios's avatar
This was updated right after X and Y came out. Diancie hadn't been officially released. I'll be making an updated one as soon as OR and AS come out. As for the other forms of deoxys and pokemon with other forms I just chose the common form (Giratina is an exception, which I may change).
chibisuke-hikaru's avatar
why choose the common form if you can put all forms together??

and what is OR and AS??

completion of collection is something to be proud of ^_^
(i mean you) ^_^


"hehe ^_^ just a comment"
DOTBstudios's avatar
I wanted to only show one form of each pokemon and the common form seemed like the most logical to show (for some reason I made an exception for shellos and gastrodon and burmy, probably aesthetic). I could also show the differences between gender and I didn't want to get that bogged down in the details.

OR and AS is Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
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oh... ok ^_^ hehe its your creation ...


go ^_^
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looking forward to the update to this the the new games will cause?
DOTBstudios's avatar
Yes. I'm waiting to post updates until I have the full list of all pokemon (mostly megas and legendaries) and their measurements. I'm starting to get the feeling that updates may never really end though. Hahaha
Yitsul's avatar
there are new mega evolutions
DOTBstudios's avatar
I am aware of this. Also I am aware of the yet-to-be-released sixth generation legendaries. An update will be coming after I get all the data for the new pokemon and mega evolutions.
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