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Final Gen 6 All Pokemon to Scale Update *Hi Res*

Here's the image everyone's been asking for! Sun and Moon update will be coming out some time after the pokedex data drops. Feel free to download and print this image. I just ask that you don't take credit for the image and that you don't distribute bastardized versions of the image by making changes too small to make it an original piece, but just enough to make it ugly.
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are you planning on updating this with the 7th gen??
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I've tried. I'm reaching the limited of what's possible based on size and good looking format.
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Do it, pretty please! :) Doesn't matter if the format is wierder. It will probably still look great as a big print. Maybe it will work without Megas?
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woah cool an update, nice! thanks and keep up the great work :D
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Holy legendaries, Hoop Unbound & 100% Zygarde are behemoths!
But Wailord still takes the cake :)
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Dude, this looks amazing! I can't believe that you aren't selling these things, I'd pay at least $10 a piece. Thank you for making your art free & being a really nice & awesome person :)
So Long & Thanks For All the Fish,
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