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All Pokemon up to Gen 6 to scale

By DOTBstudios
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All pokemon to scale.
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I love how this has been put together
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Wow, is Togetic as big as Ampharos? I didn't expect that!
Great job, you should sell these as a poster or something, they're really cool
DOTBstudios's avatar
I think Togetic was mistakenly sized. This is an older version. I think it's fixed in the one that includes mega evolutions...
RBedlam's avatar
I love collections like this. So many lovely little vectors.
YouCubing's avatar
The only way to find Joltik (0'04 in the Dex, or 4 pixels here) is by finding Galvantula and looking to the left. :P
This is amazing. I love the way Shaymin is barely even there at all.
TheComixMasters's avatar
Aw.Joltiks so small its only a pixel big!
PreseaX3's avatar
This obviously is pretty amazing! :3
DOTBstudios's avatar
Thanks! Make sure to check out the ORAS updated one!
PreseaX3's avatar
Awesome! I didn't know about that!
SassyLunatone's avatar
it took me awhile to find joltikJoltiks 
DOTBstudios's avatar
AtlasSniperman's avatar
Ditto's, ditto's everywhere
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Have you thought about making this into a poster and selling it? (on Etsy for example?) I doubt there would be any issues with copyright, since Etsy is absolutely swimming in Pokémon fan-creations~! (I always thought Charizard would be... bigger. MUCH bigger. I just checked his sizing on the Pokédex and I was SO WRONG ;W;)
DOTBstudios's avatar
I've thought about it quite a bit. I'll have to look into it some more, I've just been so busy lately! Also I was shocked and slightly disappointed about Charizard too. Haha
lordinglip666's avatar
okay that was not supposed to be a winky face but thanks DA you useless piece of trash
SourShockX's avatar
That is absolutely amazing!
how do I buy one?
DOTBstudios's avatar
The file will be available for download once I'm certain all errors are corrected. Should be soon. I'm hesitant to sell prints myself due to legal issues that may arise.
CrystalCreatures's avatar
wow this looks good
CombotheBeehen's avatar
Arceus is so small than on the movie who is bigger of the Sinnoh Trio? D:
PlanetXiN's avatar
HOLY SNAP! Gotta catch them...all?
DA-Trickster's avatar
Amazing, and kind of funny, how many species are physically larger than God.
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