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Accursed witch within the Messenger of Love, possessor of my Angel Tainted, how I loathe you.
Meddler, interfering in emotions you have no place in, crossing bounds of forbidden stature, I cast you out.
Detestable demon with lies on your lips and betrayal in your heart, your playground is my sorrow; for this I abhor you.
With bloodlust in your eyes, the crimson of my failing heart, and tresses of obsidian coaxing, you juggle warfare in your hands and twist your susceptible host around your finger.
Repugnant wretch, you steal as I give and as I have been given to satisfy your enveloping wrath of humor.
Temptress, Parasite, Succubus, return to me my Innocence and take my order of exile. You belong no more in my heart than in her mind.
One of hatred and of power, marauder and thief of happiness and peace, serpent crawling in my bed, barrier, lock and chain of my one most loved, be gone.
Accursed witch within the Messenger of Love, possessor of my Angel Tainted, how I love you.
:iconstr1f3:STR1F3 2 1
That the Best You can Do? by RaineStrife That the Best You can Do? :iconrainestrife:RaineStrife 162 110
Prayer of the Soulless
Prayer of the soulless
Now I lay here in my bed
Softly wishing I were dead
If I die while I'm asleep
I tell you, God, I shall not weep
My soul is black
My heart is stone
Why won't they go away
And leave me on my own?
If I die before I wake
I give you now my soul to take
And send it to the sinner's hell
Take with it my heart as well
To show them all I used to be
And what my mind has done to me
Then take me to where I should be
To burn in crimson agony
Alone at last
With peace in mind
What make us
Afraid of dying?
Look around
And what you see
Should be nothing
Just like me
NOTE: this isn't really a prayer, I just added the "Amen" for the effect.
:icontheperforated1:ThePerforated1 1 4
A single look told me that this creature was not of our world. The short white hair, pink catlike ears, and long, bushy pink tale: all telltale signs of a misplaced being. None, however, were as a dead giveaway as her golden irises, illuminated like a jar of fireflies. Her posture and apparel blended in well enough though, for alone, they were identical to any high class noblewoman. Physical features, those aside from tail and ears, were normal, if not exquisite. She was pristine   without flaw.
A one-piece, sleeveless dress was her clothing of choice. The high-ended slits to the thighs and diamond cut over the center portion of her chest I had seen before, and maybe even the links of golden rings that made a makeshift belt was not so odd. The gleaming richness of the gold bracelets she wore perplexed me, however. They seemed to have no latch or break in them to be able to take them off. Instinct told me they were the cause of, and maybe answer to, her existence in our realm
:iconstr1f3:STR1F3 1 1
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Ice Goddess
Artist | Hobbyist
United States
Molecular Biology B.S. Clarion University


Prefers pencil sketches to colored pieces

Personal Quote: Thats right....enough with the past. He should have stayed in it like everyone else.
  • Listening to: Sakiko Tamagawa
  • Reading: The Death Gate Cycle, book 4
  • Watching: Durarara!!
  • Playing: The Last Story
I have a few deviations to upload that I've been putting off for quite some time now (most have probably abandoned this dead page, and I don't blame them). But first, I wanted to try to clean up this mess of a gallery. It's such a daunting task. deviantART has changed a lot since 2004. Hooo my. And it looks so cluttered and unorganized on my page. I'm not normally one to delete deviations just because I look back and suddenly hate them, ya know? Gotta keep it real. But the disorganization is killing me. We'll see what happens...

In other news, I've been playing The Last Story. Up on deck is Xenoblade. What's everyone else been up to?


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