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Brushes for 'Hair' Effect

I have recently been doing some drawing on photoshop and I needed some "hair" brushes that suited my needs... I thought I might as well upload them.

Make sure you put the SPACING in the brush menu to 1%

feel free to do what you want with these but a fave is a nice and easy way to make my day! ^-^

-Made in Photoshop 7.0-

have fun!
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I have Cs5, will it work in there?
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It should. It was made on an older version of Photoshop so that it would be compatible with newer verseions :)
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how exactly do I download these? I'm a bit confused.
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Hi! Click the download button to the right of the picture. The .ABR file should be in your downloads folder. Open the FILE of photoshop on your computer and find a folder that says PRESETS and then one that says BRUSHES. And then its just dragging the .abr file to the BRUSHES folder! if photoshop was open you may have to exit and reload!
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Hello: :wave:

I use these wonderful hair brushes for this deviation. [link]

Thank you so much for sharing. :rose: The brushes work great. :D
Hello, I'm very newby in photoshop and I think this brushes were the perfectset for me, but I can't have the brushes painting a line, just the pattern again and again. if you could explain it to me, like it was for dummies I will be very glad, because I'm dying to use them for the hair ^^.
Thank you.
(Sorry for my bad English)
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What version of Photoshop are you using? On mine, in the top right corner there should be a tab that says "brushes" click on that find where you can "adjust spacing" it might just say "spacing" and put that as low as it can go. If this doesn't help let me know :)
Thanks I solved the problem just a few minutes after I wrote the post, ^^'.
But thank you very much for your interest ;P
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These look really nice. It's kind of you to share.
I usually rake out the hair strands one at a time with a tiny brush.

Will this work with the CS 2 or 3?
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You're welcome and I think they should, they were made in 7.0 so that they can be used in newer versions :)
Thank's for share that.
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No problem! If you need anything tweaked or changed a bit just let me know and I'll add to it
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Ah, I thank you. Everytime I decide to do hair with this method, I have to make a brush of my own, and then remake it for certain parts. Now I'll have them all in one place :) it's great!
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Thanks and no problem!
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