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Donate points so i can buy your art and put it on my wall :)


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It Keeps Fukushima Nuke Disaster Molten Core Lit
PHOTO of entity seen stoking the melted cores of fukushima in perpetual burning state. After the fukushima nuclear disaster of 03-11-11. Which is a very occulted day btw, 3, 11, and 1111 are all major numbers significant in numerology. This molten mass is killing the pacfiic ocean. Its got plutonium in it, the most toxic substance known to man alongside the uranium fuel. Extinction level event kids. All the fish are dying and the birds too. 75% collapse of flying insect population etc etc. The media doesnt report on it. So it "never happened" to most people. Get the word out. Stop feeding the beast system before they have us finish construction of our own prison. Its in bible prophecy even,revelation 8:8
Lovely Long Legs Lalecia
Big thanks to Heart  Lalecia  Heart for modeling for me. Such a cute girl with all-too-rare matching personalit+fav .

Pencil and pen on southworth 100% cotton
The High Exalted
20" steel tanto blade. copper wire wrapped handle with bronze overmelt. In progress. Hilt in process.


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Aleph Leonine
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United States
Last of the Judges at the end of the 4th Age. Prophet of the Creator. Conception parallels the biblical.. He cant help it. is it archetypal no one knows But he is known to speak his mind, including occasional rebuke of the people. lol. Spreads Truth and Love. And remind the people how awesome God is. And How he hooks it up, and doesnt skimp but rather gives with both hands.

Loves all people boundlessly, but has a special soft spot for the girl, the girl he has a cosmic bond with. though she has recently grown a temporary annoyance of leaving and coming back again days months years or lifetimes later. looking _completely_ different and acting like she doesnt know him. He isnt buying it!.

A flawed man like everyone. Quick to passion regarding subjects that he feels strongly about. often accused of anger but usually its just his passion mistaken for anger. Those that do not know him so well frequent that back alley of argument. Well read. Can and does issue forth passages of scripture;. often with providential timing from a dizzying array of sacred texts.

Scarred by a series of tragedies. Including the loss of his favorite person and loss of one of his spritiual peers and was a mentor to him as well, sadly this heroic figure began dabbling in black magick and was consumed within a year, died under mysterious circumstances. Shortly after the loss of the favored one did death try to take him. That once in a vulnerable place, Samuel himself became ill supernaturally fast, and almost died. had multisystem organ failure and 90% probability of expiring. Hi s parents report that he couldnt understand what the big deal was. That he was somehow aware he wasnt going to die. Had dopamine center-lined (1/.4" diameter at least ) rammed down througfh his collarbone and into into his heart (with no painkillers) due to triage 1 and 2 failing to stablize his bp.. Doctors couldnt and cannot to this day explain why nor how he was conscious. let alone in full command of his faculties despite having a bp of 40/30 and no blood going to his brain.

Samuel is known to be Intense.While he is capable of smalltalk he may highjack conversation to push his altrusistic agenda. People question this altruism continually. He seems unfazed by those kind of accusations. People love him or hate and fear him. If he had a choice he would rather be loved.

Often can be heard prophesying the word from the mouth of the Lord or else saying shit like "Love and Truth" or "Perspective is everything" or "watch out for those ufo entities, they are lying liars who lie" and "dont fall for it" etc etc.. Is in progress over 200 pages of a book on the supernatural. with references to scripture from ALL OVER the world.

some treatment of the ancient mystery schools and esoterics as spiritual warfare supplements and to ensure the reader on some level hopefully grasps the cunning and deceitful wickedness of who we are truly fighting eph 6 "spriitual wickedness in 'high places'"! "thar be inter-dimensional beings that harbor enmity towards us and wish to do us harm and lead us astray" youll probably hear him say!.

Can be seen walking with the 'Vanguard of Heaven' staff of kingly anointing probably has Vanquish on him also. His parrying dagger of a short sword. Both were gifted to him by the Creator in astral dreamland or one of those akin. Instructed to midwife these extradimensional named objects into our material heavier spatial-temporal dimensionality. Vanquish can sever astral silver cords but more importantly its one of those rare weapons that can annihliate \hyperdimensional entities/.

Both were blessed by the Creator. And while they arent magickal they have been touched by God and so may blind you or smite you dead should ill will be detected towards its owner. Vanquish is probably emitting some exotic radiation, lepton?, as the raw stock steel it is made with was possibly beamed in to this realm using an accelerator. Regardless it was found and first roughly fashioned at one that lies to the north of here. or so the story goes. Vanquish has been 12 years in the making, mostly waiting for Samuel to be spiritually ready to wield it. Vanguard staff came to him 3-4 years ago. Reportedly he kept getting this urge to make a staff. You know like you or i get the urge to eat or pee, well he got an urge to make a staff. He states that he quit fighting the urge when wood showed up across from a friends house after telling the urge to go away and that he didnt have suitable raw materials.

Both are named objects and possesses extra dimensional corporeality (think like the inanimate objects' equivalent of a soul). The sword is ancient owned by him for aeons. The Legion of Hell reports him as a ranked strike force leader of the Horde of Heaven/Host of Heaven and is greatly feared and hated in hell. Reports have come out about evil masters using his name to instill fear in their initiates. Has been known to call down fire from heaven. Reported to be deadly with words and his discernment can cause spontaneous combustion when passing through particularly dark areas of the land.


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