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Yin Yang V.1

A first quick draw of a cd cover for a heavy metal band. I'll work hard to make it better, probably with a background, to use it as a wallpaper or a part of the cd book... I want it perfect. At least I have so much time.


Un primer boceto de la portada del disco de una banda de heavy metal. Trabajaré duro para mejorarla, seguramente con un fondo, y se pueda usar como fondo de escritorio o pueda encontrarle otro uso dentro del libreto del cd. Quiero que me salga perfecta, y al menos tengo mucho tiempo para conseguirlo.
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Beautiful and very powerful image. You have really captured the essence of the symbol I feel in a way that goes beyond the usual black and white...very nice. I wont be using it for any purpose other than having it as my background. Very inspiring and relevant to my life at the moment. Thank you!
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is that fire and water or fire and ice?
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This is beautiful! Great job.

I was wondering if you would allow me to use this as an Avatar for youtube, possibly with minor edits?
Thought I'd ask permission before i ripped it off of google images :)
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Of course you can use it, no problem with that.

Glad you liked it!
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:O no comment..!!!

Impresionante loko!!!
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Cool concept! ;)
Just be careful, you misspelled Yin Yang (it's not ying yang ;P).
Keep up the good work!
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Wow, I didn't noticed that. I'm going to change it now. Thank you very much!

Glad you like it ;)
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me parece un excelente trabajo... felicidades...

aunque debo reconocer que me gusta mucho más esta v1 que la v2 ;)
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Gracias por el comentario. Sin la V1 no habría habido la segunda versión.

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me gusta mucho!!! ;D
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¡Se agradece! Un abrazo.
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:clap: this is really cool. awesome work on those graphics :)
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Thank you very much. I hope to finish it soon.

Sorry for my lately reply.
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