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[MRA] Into a bright Future
The sound of the beat and the lyrics was vibrating in her head, resounding with the beat of her heart. She was humming as she walked across the halls. She originally was heading towards her dorm, which wouldn’t be her dorm in a few days anymore. That thought still made her sad, but today, she didn’t feel like feeling down. After all, her concert was incredible! She wasn’t quite sure what the crowd thought of it, but she liked it. She enjoyed it and she had wished that the moment had never passed. But it has. And that’s why this is life. Good moments pass, even if you don’t want them to pass. But they do and leave a good memory behind. She will forever treasure the memory. Like many other things. There were so many things she had achieved, met and learned at MRA that she will forever treasure. She would like to stay here. But life goes on. It has to. And that’s good. She closed her eyes, put her hand on her chest and took a deep breath. Right now, she
:icontloz-freack123:TLoZ-Freack123 3 0
mra - get acting by nyadya mra - get acting :iconnyadya:nyadya 11 0



[SIA] Cherry pink and apple blossom white
I never really draw dynamic poses so this was good practice! Anyways, this is Kate’s first serious modeling gig! I wanted to draw her in something she modeled for, and the Sassy Feather Coord was perfect for it~ I should draw skirts more often, they’re so fun.

Coord @ WendyAiko0630
Illust, character @ Dorydraws
Background @ ibisPaint
Stealing is prohibited under any circumstances.
SIA - Caitlyn 'Kate' Summers
Application for :iconstar-idol-academy:
[ E D I T   L O G ]
Added English VA, song list & relationships. Also Kate is now 16!!
5/13/19: Updated uniform, Japanese VA, songlist and personality!
Name: Caitlyn Summers
Nicknames: Kate, Katie (Seto), Carrot Girl/Carrot Lady/Carrot-chan (Dương)
Age: 16
Birthday: November 9th 2002
Gender: Female 
Sexual/Romantic orientation: Asexual Biromantic 
Height: 5’4” / 165 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Voice Sample: CurePlum
JPN: Speaking / Singing
ENG: Speaking / Singing
Class: 2-B
Club: -
Idol Color: Mango Tango (thank you Shibu for this wonderful suggestion)
Idol Group: -
Idol Level: 805 Student Exp - Novice Student
Student Level: 260 Idol Exp - Student Idol

:bulletorange: Confident: Kate is a person who knows her value and goals.
:bulletorange: Fun-loving: She always try to bring happiness to the table:
:bulletyellow: Naive: Sometimes, she can be quite oblivious to her surroundings.
 :bulletyellow: Carefree: A go with the flow kind of girl, Kate doesn’t think much before acting.
:bulletyellow: Stickler: Kate always sets rules as one of her top priorities.
:bulletred: Weird: She is quite an oddball when it comes to tastes and way of thinking.
:bulletred: Hotheaded: The girl can lash out quite easily, but she isn’t one to hold a grudge for long.

[Before SIA]

:bulletorange: Kate was born on November 9th to a couple- an accountant and a marketer

:bulletorange: Thanks to their jobs, Kate had a fairly nice childhood, but on the other hand, she didn’t get as much attention after a few years
:bulletorange: When the girl turned 11, her parents went on a business trip, but soon after that, she was informed about the traffic accident that damaged them
:bulletorange: Of course this was traumatizing to a 11 year old. Seeing the unfortunate situation, her uncle Kazuomi phoned her to see if he can take her in
:bulletorange: Kate agreed and that’s how she got to Japan.
:bulletorange: The first few weeks she refused to eat nor communicate, resulting in a depressing atmosphere in the household. But little by little, Kate warmed up and started to smile more.
:bulletorange: Soon enough she started eating and even communicating!
:bulletorange: She found out her goal and aspiration through a little comedy sketch
:bulletorange: It seemed like a childish idea to Kazuomi but he supports her anyway
:bulletorange: 1st try at being an idol: Kate went to DIA, joined the Blossom Cup but unfortunately the school closed down. Also she met a delinquent girl whom she looks up too very very much.
:bulletorange: 2nd try: She found out about SIA. that, my friend, is the start of her story.

[Star Idol Academy, 2018]
:bulletorange: She found friends! Lots of ‘em.
:bulletorange: Apparently won two contests - aka Splash Battle and MonSTAR Bash Costume Contest!
:bulletorange: Reconciled with Kagami. She even wished Kate happy birthday.
:bulletorange: Kate may or may have not sobbed a little
:bulletorange: And more to come- maybe drama? Who knows how we’ll end this year.

[ L I K E S ] 
:bulletgreen: OTAMATONES!!
:bulletgreen: Acting in general 
:bulletgreen: Chemistry 
:bulletgreen: Arcades
:bulletgreen: Thrift shopping 
:bulletgreen: CATS
[ D I S L I K E S ]
:bulletred: Forced things 
:bulletred: Clichés- the only exception is when it's a joke
:bulletred: Shiitake mushrooms 
:bulletred: Mistreatment to- well, everything in general
:bulletred: Literature and history 
[ Q U O T E S ] 
“I'm Kate Summers, and fret not! I won't be in your care. I can do it myself.” - introduction 
“This'll get interesting. //cheeky grin//” 
“Ah, it's okay. You can stay out of this, I'll handle it, I promise!” - in distress
“U-uh- t-this is none of your business!! Get out!” - keeping a secret 
"//something about laws and common sense//"
[ T R I V I A ]
:bulletorange: Her role model isn't actually someone in the acting industry- in fact, it's Johnny Bepp who was in the dancing industry. She admires him for his energy and quirkiness, aside from his talent.
:bulletorange: Marylander represent
:bulletorange: She was once compared to a bumblebee. 
:bulletorange: She really likes to cartwheel and might've broken a few bones doing so
:bulletorange: Her favorite food is anything made with seafood, and her favorite drink is Pepsi.
:bulletorange: She probably owns at least one bottle of Beppsi.
[ S O N G S ]
:bulletorange: Honeybee's Kiss
:bulletorange: Over the Sunshine!
:bulletorange: Romeo

Feel free to roleplay with me on discord! My username is dory#0909!
I prefer script/hc, but i can also do literature! 
[MRA EVENT] [A] Chika Chika Boom Boom!
Gooooooood morning America o7
I’m here to bless y’all with Unsalted Jun (lol). Lookat him! He’s having fun!!!
Also? Originally I thought the Chika dance was overrated but now,,, YOI YOI KKON DAYO!!!

Character, illust @ Dorydraws
Dance @ Kaguya-sama: Love is War
Eng lyrics @ Souly
Stealing is prohibited under any circumstances.


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[F2U] Ibispaint X User Stamp by nyo-mangata
STAMP - Octonauts by Taibu-Kettu Aikatsu Stamp by Sayachin Otamatone-kin Stamp by milky-bot
I Love Green by Jenya88


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