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Balerina Radiance logo by aliciadreamart Balerina Radiance logo :iconaliciadreamart:aliciadreamart 4 0 Adopt Base [F2U] by Broyam Adopt Base [F2U] :iconbroyam:Broyam 3,089 263 WOOO by SimonSoys WOOO :iconsimonsoys:SimonSoys 644 32 Ballerina Radiance-Broken Poupee coord by aliciadreamart Ballerina Radiance-Broken Poupee coord :iconaliciadreamart:aliciadreamart 3 0 Impish Card by WittleBanzaiTree Impish Card :iconwittlebanzaitree:WittleBanzaiTree 7 5
Music Video PR (Blu Rye Productions)
Lee is shooting a music video but he is more known for skills his DJing than for his singing skills. He always admires Marshmello, Slushii and Alan Walker and got the idea of asking his fellow idols help him make a video PR.
The album will contain 12 songs, 4 of them will be Lee's solo and the other 8 will have a feature of the other idols. I will be drawing all these songs (unless you want to collab with me) but please link me to any dubstep song that will present our PR. The featured character/s will be drawn at the front while Lee is somewhere either on the back or interacting with your character/s (depends on the song you choose to link to me). 
1) [link]So sick - Mizukiryuu Lee 
2)[link] Love scenario - Mizukiryuu Lee
3) [link] You say - Mizukiryuu Lee
:iconrye-souji:Rye-Souji 1 0
Mizukiryuu Lee by Rye-Souji Mizukiryuu Lee :iconrye-souji:Rye-Souji 9 2 [SIA Event] I'M MARY POPPINS Y'ALL by SparkleChord [SIA Event] I'M MARY POPPINS Y'ALL :iconsparklechord:SparkleChord 8 4 {SIA} I Made It by EmoCherryPop {SIA} I Made It :iconemocherrypop:EmoCherryPop 6 3
Shiptember and Inktober~!
OKay~! So last month was shiptember (did I spell that right?) and I have many ships pics that I wanted to draw but I got really busy~! SOOOOO!!!!! Instead, I got better, easier plans for this month. As you all know that this month is inkotber and I came up with an idea for this month, combining both month's art challenges~!
This month, I will draw actual ships, future ships, and crack ships of all of my OCs from MRA, SRA, and SIA.
(Idol hell rp groups that I love~!)
So this means, I will make a list of ships that I have already so that I can draw them. However this means that I will compile them all on one pic and post them together, or maybe post them all on DA separately. Depends on how many I make. //shrugs 
That being said, here is the list~!
Kuro and Seina Shini-Illumi Hirito and Shinobu Shiro-Rasmeii Hikaru and Hibiki k
:iconakaristella:AkariStella 1 4
Inktober '18 Day 5: Ritsuko's draft coord by taytaykudo Inktober '18 Day 5: Ritsuko's draft coord :icontaytaykudo:taytaykudo 4 0 Two friends by ShellSkipper Two friends :iconshellskipper:ShellSkipper 8 2 [MRA] Inktober Day 3 - Tired by harukiri [MRA] Inktober Day 3 - Tired :iconharukiri:harukiri 10 2 [MRA] -D- Jump Up, Super Star! by TLoZ-Freack123 [MRA] -D- Jump Up, Super Star! :icontloz-freack123:TLoZ-Freack123 8 0 New by Loralove8 New :iconloralove8:Loralove8 11 10 [MRA] -Event- What Lies in The Future by TLoZ-Freack123 [MRA] -Event- What Lies in The Future :icontloz-freack123:TLoZ-Freack123 12 0



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[MRA] yee haw
Name: Tachibana Junpei (橘 純平)
• Jun / Junpei / Tachibana-(suffix) (preferred)
• More will be added in the future, huhuhu
Gender: Male
Age: 15 
Year: First

Nationality: Japanese
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 63 kg

Fav. brand:
Revèrie Faerie (@/AquaticSkies)
Other used brands: 
• Ballerina Radiance (@/aliciadreamart)
• Prince Type (@/m-1r)
• Ecliptic Rose (@/unluckykuroneko)
• Papillon Ailes (@/kerenitychan)

Main Type: Classic
Secondary Types: Cool, Creepy
Specialty: Dancing (sub is Singing)
• Considerate
• Well-mannered
• Respectful
• Focused
• Awkward
• Short-tempered
• Secretive
Before MRA:
Tachibana Hayate and Fushimi Mitsuki were high-school sweethearts and decided to tie the knot after a few years of living together. Things went well and they had two children, a boy named Junpei and a girl named Yukine. But as the years go by, they both are more distant with each other and started having arguments, scaring both of their children. One day, Mitsuki initiated that they should end this marriage once and for all. Hayate agreed, as it was for the greater good. Junpei and Yuki were slumped that they had to follow their parents as well, but were soon reassured that they'll see each other, just not as often as before.

Junpei, now living with his dad, is quite lonely considering the work only allows Hayate to come home late at night, and their house is too far away from the other family members’. He had to cook and clean for himself- well, order takeout since he is a complete failure at cooking. One particular day, while taking a stroll in a park, he found himself in the middle of a flash mob. Not wanting to look like an idiot, he tried copying the dance moves- and succeeded, much to his surprise. The dancers complimented him afterwards, boosting his ego quite a bit. “I might have a legitimate hobby from now on.” he thought, eyes sparkling with joy. The next few days, he searched for a dance class continuously, but he couldn't afford to pay for any class he saw. Not wanting to give up, Jun decided to learn dancing by looking at tutorials on YouTube and using his spare time to practice. Since then, dancing has been his companion that helps him to cope with his loneliness.

One evening, while browsing the web, Junpei saw something that can probably turn his life upside down. It was an advertisement for Moonrise Academy, a school made for aspiring idols. He hesitated at first, but this is the chance for him to pursue his dream of being a professional dancer! He couldn't pass up the opportunity- so he set aside all of his doubts and filled in the application form, hoping to get in.
And he did. What a relief, eh?
• Dancing
• Guinea pigs (he has one named Nagi!)
• Foraging
• Rainy days
• Staying at home
• Nagi getting lost
• violence
• Being disturbed
• Bad jokes
• Loud noises
Voice: Nidaime Aka (TalkingSinging)
Additional Information:
• Nagi was given to Jun on his 14th birthday to keep him company.
• Excels at most house chores except cooking. Someone help him
• Gets really hungry in the afternoon
• His mom Mitsuki is now remarried and now goes by the last name Enomoto.
• He can speak simple English, but he’s still learning and gets confused about slangs.
• Actually cheekier than you think he’d be. Sometimes he pulls pranks on people, too.
• He has low self esteem :c
• He's not much of a moody person but he really likes sad songs. Like, he really likes them.
Relationships: TBA
RP type:
I can do both lit and script (tho I prefer the latter). My preferred format is Discord (my discord ID is Dory#0909)
30 deviations



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