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This submission piece was made in one night for credit in my Drawing and Painting Class. ( Hahahahahha. YEAH, I procrastinate there too -_-' ) Our class was asked to reflect their interpretation of one of MLK's quotes, and being the person that I am (Haha) I put up to the last minute.

But to my surprise, my concept of MLK's quote, "A new era of progress and be widened and lengthened in a super highway of justice..." turned out to be the Grand Prize winner of the district. ('O' GASP) and yeahhh...(Weeeee~)

In some ways I feel that i did not deserve it since I did not put as much time into it as some other ppl. ( SRY Robert! TT.TT) and yeah, enjoy~!

(and oh yes, if u look vry closely, you'll see MLK look constipated! TT_TT... SRY martin... Ball point pen isnt forgiving when you mess up...I just hope I portrayed you well... -_-' )

Media: Ball point pen, prismacolor marker (black)
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