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Mothman and Flatwoods by DoruDrutt Mothman and Flatwoods by DoruDrutt
My mothman and flatwoods monster boys together B) Explained some about my mothman already at this picture:…

So yeah, the mothman befriends this guy, after he finds him at the crashed ship. He was sitting at the top of a bridge one night, and then he sees a "fireball" falling from the sky that crashes into the forest. He gets curious and runs to it. After some time he reaches and is met by surprise, by this alien guy ~ Their first meeting will not be great at first 8) but turns out better later! Will explain more about why and how this guy crashed in his ref.

Now, both will realize they can understand eachother, and I have found ways to do that. The flatwoods aliens (will have different species name of course, as well as the mothmen), have observed the earth and humans for some hundreds or thousands of years, learning about some cultures and languages by time. This flatwoods chara's parents happens to be some of a bunch who study human language, mainly English. They observe it from space above earth (and have their ways to not get tracked or seen), and very very rarely fly down to earth. My flatwoods chara had to follow his parents when they traveled towards earth (2-3 year travel), and have in turn learned some English. He knows how to speak, and some advanced words, but have a harder time knowing what minor words mean and their purposes. Mostly just applies to stuff humans use.

The mothmen has as well observed humans for some hundreds of years, and learned some simple words to use and how to speak, so the english language have now become a part of them. But it's very simple English, yet enough to understand. While the mothman guy have a harder time understanding advanced words, he has better grasp of the use and meaning of human things.

Song they sing is this one:…

Art, the mothman and flatwoods chara © me

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Dracowhip Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
Wonderful piece. Love the cute aspect that still keep the nature of the guys. Great Astounding Job, my friend
This is incredible !
ScarlettegamerXYZ Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2018  Student Digital Artist
You should do an ask blog on deviant art and tumbler for these two, I can see that becoming pretty successful, maybe they could do reactions to their real world counterparts or videos people want to show them? Do either of them know what a video is??? =3
d1gim8n Featured By Owner May 21, 2017
If the Flatwoods culture has a better understanding of advanced words you should only give the flatwoods guys names, because names are advanced words, and you could have the flat woods guy give the mothman a name.
leocdg Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
shvique Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2016
HammerCatcher Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
They're so cute!
KameChuu Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
okay, this is very cute XD
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August 5, 2015
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