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A mothman character for a story I have been busy with for a time! Plot of story changes from time to time, but is basically about this little mothman guy and a flatwoods monster he meets later. Story is set in the 60's, West Virginia, Point Pleasant, the place of the mothman sightings 1966-67. Flatwoods monster sighting is from West Virginia as well, but at another time and place, and will not be linked directly to my flatwoods character. The mothman-creatures have been living in peace in the deep forests, but civilization and removal of forests corner them and will make it harder for them to hide. Unfortunately in 1966, this mothman character accidentally gets sighted.

I'll explain more about him in depth in a ref I'll make soon, but minor things I can say about him is:
-He likes to collect human things, sing/dance, listening to 50's-60's music, his guitar, eating moths, looking at the city lights, sneak about in city at night in his disguise, gliding.
-He dislikes humans (or more scared of them), spend too much time with rest of the family, water, dogs, when his mom fixes his hairdo him in front of everyone, when anyone touches his hairdo.

He has his little hidden place there he puts all things he have collected. Instruments, combs and hair-gel, pictures, food, clothing, so yeah most he can find on his way or take.
This mothman chara and art © me

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Werifesteria.EXE has stopped working.

Error 105: Cuteness Perception Overload.

I am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with this little guy, and his flatwoods friend, and everything about them! <3 I will definitely be following you! Great characters!

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He looks like a Pokémon
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I think that this version of mothman is the most adorable thing ever
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Cutest Mothman EVAR!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
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this... looks like it could easily be a ghost type pokemon :3
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PhantomFoxy 2: Hehe, so adorable. He can just sit on my left shoulder^^
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no don't say I will be smashed by a ice cream stand
SparkleBerryPie050's avatar
He kind of looks like something from Pokemon! Maybe he should be a dark and physic type
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XD awww he's such a cute cryptid!
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oh my gooosh i love this design 
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I will eat it.
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He is sooooo cute ^w^ 
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The real thing is a million times scarier…
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The real thing is a million times scarier…
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Your design is absolutely adorable!Clap  He looks like a cartoon character. Like really I could see him in a tv show or movie. Along with the story synopses you provided I could definable see this on tv :D
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He kinda reminds me of toothless.
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This is a very cute and lovely design for the mothman,keep it up !
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God, I... I love this character's design. It's great!
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Did you know someone's using your exact version of the Mothman for their characters yet? 😕
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Don't know if you know the guy/girl but that person goes by the name Shoyu-Rai. Funny fact is the design and more importantly even the art style is pretty much just like yours as well.
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