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I will protect you

used 13 hours to finish, no kidding.

done in oekaki,
so I must say I AM MAD.

But I enjoyed while I drew it, even though it gave me shoulder plus fingers pain.
I really like the character. He is just amazing.

this animation is really cool,
I strongly recommend everyone to watch it.

the website for mononoke:
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Awesome! Thank you for your hard work - said a fan of Kusuriuri -
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I love it I love it I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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i find it very similar (with characters' positions, background etc) to some well-known picture. care to remind me what picture it was?...

great job BTW, ladyboner as hell <3
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aww soo cute and awesome, i love it , nice work ^w^
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Amazing! :clap:
I love Kusuriuri btw :33

:snowflake: :huggle: :snowflake:
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This is so unbelievably gorgeous!
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Oh, I was so sad when the series ended....must go re-watch now!

Absolutely beautiful picture. :worship:
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I can't... describe the joy this picture makes me feel, but it's wonderful. I love Mononoke, and I love Kusuri-Uri, and there's his... more demon-y form protecting him... it's sweet. <3
bully for you, then. MOAR PLZ.
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yeah mononoke is really captivating i love the style ^...^
what is oaeki btw? `¬`'''
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that is beautiful.
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That's amazing! :wow:

Um... do you know which button the animation is? I have no idea what anything says on that site.
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It is called Mononoke Ayakashi - it is on youtube :)
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Wow, what amazing detail *_*
It really blows me away to see oekakis like this :heart:

And of course, who could resist Kusuriuri? :XD:
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Aw...I can't resist to fav it, cuz i'm a fangirl >_<;
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the more I see it, the more I love it *_* this is awesome! definitely the best oekaki i've ever seen. wow!
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o_o pixels
amazing job, I love the shading and the way it looks 3D <3
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Favourited - Love it
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This is beautiful. Can't get enough of the Medicine Seller and his alter ego.
This is an amazing series. It's got so little love!
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yay! mononoke rules!
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so love it!!!! <3
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It's Medicine Seller and his Golden form! *faints*

Your oekaki skills are godly! >_<
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