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Taste of Budapest

Photographer's problem: Taking picture of a concept which you really love then spending hours and hours with editing and getting more and more unsure about what you are doing and how your pictures look like. But you still love the concept so you edit it again and again, making hunderds of verisions. And you end up with one you like or something. So you start to upload it and write the description and stuffs. But you get unsure again and edit the photo again and make much more verison and feeling desperate and you don't know anymore that this picture is nice or the most terrible thing you've ever done. So you decide to don't upload it. But... maybe you can show it at least on your tumblr blog. But what if it's actually nice and you should show it on Deviantart?! But if it's terrible, all your watcher will hate you and won't follow your works and you will miss them because they are so kind and sweet. But if you don't upload it, the hours you spend on editing is wasted time so you have to do something. And you start to slowly become crazy. So you upload it. Then delet it. And you upload it again.
And here is the end of the story :D

The concept is from this picture: [link] what I took during my 92 days of Summer project. My friend Ádám asked me how I made this picture and it reminded me that I wanted to take some more picture with this concept. I spent this week at Budapest because my second semester has begun so that's why it is with a picture of Budapest this time :)

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Ötletes kakaós kép :)
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Ahh :) It makes me soo happy to see that people love my home xD
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do you live in Budapest? :)
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I used to :) For 6 years all together I lived there, and while hungarian may be my second language I am actually fully , 100% Hungarian :D
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You don't need to be so unsure.. I LOVE IT Heart
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I'm so glad you like it, thank you :heart:
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Hello :wave: Your work have been Featured in BeautyClub: Best from Favourites. Please take a look, and give a :+fav: if you liked the feature. Thank you and Have a nice week.
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thank you so much :blowkiss:
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Well worth posting! --- I get into the same kind of crazy re-do loop sometimes when I'm programming, so I can sympathize! --- Keep on doing what you do!
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thank you :) Yeah, my boyfriend learns programming too so I know what you're talking about... it's crazy :D
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Nice picture =) I really like it!
(And don't worry about the people who don't like it - they'll simply click at "remove from messages" and forget about it. There are always different opinions =) )
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thank you so much :hug:
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Okay, first off, I like the tree in the cup better. (my opinion) Second, I think this is a great idea! I think the tree and Budapest used the same cup, I believe a different cup would have been good. However, with all that said, it is still a very awesome photo and idea!!
Second and more important, I agree with Craindre, you are not going to loose watchers because of one photo, and if you did, then they do not see your talent. I see what you post!! My opinion does not count. Yours does! Do you like it? Then that is all that matters. Have you looked at my photo? Nothing like yours, not even close. I wish they were as good as yours. I wish I had as many views on one photo of mine that you have on yours.
Last and most important, be yourself! Be happy with who you are and what you do! Once you stop enjoying the magic, then it is work. The pursuit of happiness come from within.
Me, I love your work, mostly all of it, but not all of it. I have you listed here as a friend that I watch (stalk as Crandre would say :)). I am most impressed by you in so many ways that I can not tell you. You are a shining star! I hope to see more of your photos, for many more years.
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Yes, the tree in the cup is better, this is my opinion too :)
I always worry about the photo if I work too much on it. I mean when I edit it several times and it's still not what I really want to see. It makes me fustrated and I can't decide anymore that the picture is goo d or bad, I like it or not, should I upload or shouldn't. Yes, I worry too much :D
You are always so nic to me and help me so many ways to be more confident as artist. I can't tell you how much it means to me and how thankful I am. You are amazing :) Every artist would have to have someone who gives he/she as many support as you give me :hug:
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Thank you for saying so, but you are the artist! I hear artists can be picky, especially about their own work. When you posted this photo, you thought maybe you'd loose watchers - not in the least! Probably gained some!! So many in fact, that it becomes hard to answer everyone...
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ezért a képért biztos nem fognak utálni a "watchereid". remek ötlet, kiváló megvalósítással. <3
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köszönöm, kedves vagy :hug:
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