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Abandoned Narzi villa with bunker

Mon Nov 20, 2017, 7:42 AM

Secured like a bunker.
With a panic room.
With a punishment room.
An elevator for the employees.
With a swimming pool in the cellar.
And a nuclear bunker deep under the house.

Later we will see the door from the inside.
The house is secured. There are grates everywhere.
The double door is made of solid wood and cast iron.
In here you can survive a nuclear war or a zombie apocalypse.
In the basement there is a bunker.
On the first floor a walk-in safe.
On the ground floor a panic room with two entrances.
Most rooms have secret escape routes.

On the right you can see the main entrance door.
Straight ahead is the staff entrance.
As it should be, the master of the house did not want to be annoyed by his employees.

Here again the staff entrance.
All windows are barred.
Only water comes in here.
The house has been empty for a long time and is rotting slowly.

There were prospective buyers. But they did not buy it.
Good luck for us.
So you can see the driveway for the
On the left is the huge garage.

There is space for four cars.

The pool house has a separate entrance, even if it belongs to the house.
It is a five room apartment over the garage.
The heavy grids are not overlooked.

The pool house from the outside.

The outdoor pool is only filled with rain.
It is estimated to be 10 meters wide.

The garden side.
Right of it is the outdoor pool.
The right part of the house, the round one with the fallen windows, is the first part of the living room. There we find the entrance.

The right door is the panic room.
Unfortunately locked.
Maybe there is still the landlord in there?
Straight ahead the second part of the living room.

The passage from the first to the second part of the living room.

Here were the floors of marble and granite.
Today, unfortunately, they are all stolen.

The third part of the living room is just opposite the main entrance.
They are both round.

The green reading room. Right next to the living room.
The walls are covered with velvet.
The marble fireplace has already been stolen.

The main entrance with the heavy wooden door tightly closed.
The marble floor is already stolen.

The red stairway to the top.
On the left is the green reading room.
Straight into the kitchen.
And under the stairs is the entrance to the cellar.

The living area of employees was separated by a curtain.

Here the disturbing find: At the end of the corridor is the punishment room. It can only be unlocked from the outside and the window is barred from the inside.
Practically that the elevator stops here. On the right you see him.
He drives down to the cellar and stops in the kitchen.

On the right side you can see the safe. He is also tightly closed.
Meanwhile, they tried to crack him. He is still locked.
Straight up it goes up to the roof.

The private area of the house owner. the marble fireplace is still there.

Straight from there it goes to the velvet-covered bedroom.

Opposite the bedroom is the bathroom.

Behind the mirror is the toilet.
The double sink is made of marble. The Narzi liked marble very much.
The sauna is just behind the wooden door.

The marble staircase leads us back to the ground floor.

On the right the preparation area, on the left the kitchen and straight on the elevator.

The kitchen.

The preparation area with storage cabinets.

The party cellar.

In the house cellar the second pool.

And of course the bunker. Hidden even lower in the cellar.

Video of a friend.

Lost Wool Factory

Sat Jun 3, 2017, 2:02 PM

No sheep, just her wool.

    No work, only empty spaces.

No movement, only silence and decay.

Lost Mansion Of A Building Tycoon

Thu Apr 6, 2017, 6:58 AM
With five people they rummaged around in the earth.
  Then the world start to quarrel and the bombs fell down.
      What was destroyed, they rebuilt.
         They continued to build when the world exploded for the second time.

Now they are gone.
   The home was too small for them. It had something bigger.
      Thus the villa stands abandoned.
         In a green, consoling embrace, it sinks into the plant world.

Lost Mansion Of A Building Tycoon-Gallery

Abandoned evangelical soldiers church.

Thu Mar 16, 2017, 12:30 PM
Here came the soldiers before they were sent out to kill.
came the soldiers to get an absolution.

Now it is empty and decayed.
    No love. No forgiveness.
No bell sounds anymore.

What remained is the unheard word of God.

Visited every Sunday, she is now empty and deserted.
    No believer wants to come. Only the heretics find their way.

Say-The-Words by DornFinn                  Life-With-Lust-And-Love by DornFinn

Life with lust and love now takes place elsewhere.

Pray-With-Me by DornFinn

Unspoken prayers fade away in stale air.   

That's-Why-My-Prayers-Remain-Unheard by DornFinn

Incoming intercessions remain unheard.

Partytime by DornFinn                  Let's-Play-Music by DornFinn

Space for encounter remains godforsaken.

Candlelight by DornFinn

Candle lights blown out like our lives.

Show-Me-The-Sky by DornFinn

Ghosts escape through the holes in the ceiling.

Lightless by DornFinn

There is no light for anybody in this place.

Last-Bell by DornFinn

The last chime of the bell sounded at the demolition.

Lost Vocational School Tour

Mon Feb 6, 2017, 11:36 AM
Old, useless, abandoned, yet full of life all around.

          Look with me, as we were taught years ago.

                    And see what we can learn from it now.

Corner by DornFinn 
Symmetrical. Practically. Good.

               StepBack1 by DornFinn  Time to go.

                              StepBack2 by DornFinn  Go stap Back.

                                             StepBack3 by DornFinn  Go to see everything.

Life is out there. It grows out of the earth.

Garden-For-The-Poor by DornFinn 
Lined up and in order.

               Rich-For-The-Poor by DornFinn  A gazebo in the middle of green ....

                              Gets-Back-Into-The-Earth by DornFinn  .... until it gets back into the earth.

Soon I will turn around and not look out the window.

          Soon I will show you the inside.

The next pictures will come on 10.02

Outside alive. Dead inside.

          Spend their sed existence like so many humans.

                    Previously, it was a passage for professionals.

No-Passage by DornFinn  Now there will be no passage anymore.

               Passage-Is-Forbidden by DornFinn  Now the passage is forbidden.

                              Rainbow-In-Discs by DornFinn 
The knowledge is distributed in rainbow discs.

Soon I will go to the workshop.

          Soon I will show you the really heavy things.

The next pictures will come on 17.02

Silence, where formerly was noise.

Useless, where formerly was important.

Standstill, where formerly was movement.

Orange-Vacuum by DornFinn  Nothing more
to exhaust.

               Look-Inside by DornFinn  Nothing more to steer.

                              Rotating by DornFinn  
Nothing more to mill.

Soon I will go on.

          Soon I will show you more

The next pictures will come on 24.02

Water, where formerly was fire.

Chaos, where formerly was order.

Emptiness, where formerly was fully.

Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Floor by DornFinn 
Water forming mirror on the floor.

               Conrad by DornFinn  
Books protect the table from dust.

                              Where-Is-My-Disk by DornFinn 
Data lying lazily around.

Soon I will go on.

          Soon I will show you more.

The next pictures will come on 10.03

Never again metal is processed here.

Never again iron filings fall here.

Never again will sparks fly here.

Erzberger by DornFinn
The machine stops.

               Gebo by DornFinn  The metal rustes unseen.

                              Heavy-Metal by DornFinn  Sparks passed into dust.

Soon I will go on.

          Soon I will show you t
he rest.

The next pictures will come on 28.04

Twisted-Chair by DornFinn Twist and shout.

               Exit by DornFinn Exit now.

                              Sick by DornFinn From Sick to Death.

Rectangular-Sunlight by DornFinn Rectangular sunlight shines on the past.

               Trellis by DornFinn 
Columns guard of honor.

                              Sun-Seeps-Through by DornFinn
Light seeps such as water through the cracks.

                                             Let's-Talk by DornFinn So, let's talk about!



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Personal Quote: in order to come to the source, one must swim against the river


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