Mido and Kelpie
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This is an illustration for a role playing game i use to play each week based on the legend of zelda. My character, kelpie, is a seahorse Zora and grew up with some gerudo living out of the desert since she was a child. The groupe encoutered Mido along the trip and even if it started harsh, they befriended him and traveled together so Mido will try to find Link and apologize for how rude he used to be with him. Kelpie is the closest to him in the groupe, and their bound reached nice brotherhood. Sadly, they now Mido isn't from the same Timeline and will have to leave forever one day... Which makes all of them sad.
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n-the-giraffe|Student General Artist
I love the idea of a LoZ RP. Also, your work is great!
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Very nice piece, the shading and color is great.
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1st a sad romance

2nd beautiful work
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Dormin-Kanna|Professional General Artist
Wow no no, it s not romance xD . They consider eachother as brother and sister by heart but stricly just that. 

Kelpie isn t interested in romance at all tho since she is a seahorse, it would end up weird, and the idea of reproduction disgust her. XD
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