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My Bio

!!MY ART AREN T FOR NFT!!! DON T TAKE THEM AT ALL! IF YOU SEE NFTS OF THEM THEY ARE STOLEN SO PLEASE CONTACT M ASAP AND REPORT THEM TO GOOGLE! THANK YOU!! Hi, Welcome to my gallerie! I'm a french freelance artist in her thirties. I'm austistic ADHD HP and disabled as my spine was damaged in an accident. That's why i'm a full time freelance artist. My commissions are my only way to get money.

I do comics and art about geek culture, especially, sonic, my little pony, pokemon and such, since 2009!

I draw commissions, and comics. An illustration? A cover? A reference sheet? A chara design? Or even a few comic pages for your awsome projects? I can draw it for you my friend.~ Just ask in my DM, can't wait to work with you and what creative ideas you need me to bring to life. I'm usually very fast and organised, even when i have to delay stuff, it's never more than days or a week. I also have nothing to hide, I have way more good references and feedbacks than bad 95/5, but i aknowledge the good and bad alikes to improve and get better at my job (which seem to work fine o/). I didn't have any less issues than any other freelance with some difficult contracts/clients. Mistakes were made, misunderstanding happen, but i remain honnest and never left with money without doing the work. The worst that can happen is me saying no to a project if i don't think i can manage, but i'll always let you know in time. =) But honnestly, you can ask the big majority of my clients, they'll tell you they're satisfied. Even got a very active community on discord over hundreds happy customers. Join if you'd like : (and ask for references there if you need to ^^)

I've been making my webcomics (Far Lost Sonic, Cooking Quest, Chaotic Wings and One stormy night...) for years. A lot of effort goes into making them, and as my life demands more and more of my time and finances, I'm gonna need all the help I can get. This site will be for fans who want to help support me, and through me, the comic... plus, you guys'll get a chance to see all sorts of behind-the-scenes and extra stuff!



If you want to get more content and support me ^^…

Favourite Visual Artist
Andy Price
Favourite Movies
Beauty and the Beast
Favourite TV Shows
pokemon, mlp, sonic, gravity fall, star versus the forces of evil, sakura, various mangas.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
usually osts
Favourite Books
Favourite Games
zelda (oot mm ww and tp) Sonic, pokemon, Okami, Shin megami Tensei and final fantasy
Favourite Gaming Platform
Sonic 3
Tools of the Trade
Cintiq, Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai Visit my website for more!

Hi there! #spookymonth and #fall #automn are here. Would you like to take part of of those #YCH to celebrate? If so please contact me. ^^ (more info in the comments) #mlpfim #mylittlepony #Halloween
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Had a very bad day. Been sick all night, got disturbed this morning, judged, and my echography appointment got canceled. Been stressed a lot. So found myself a new cuddly friend to make up for it. Will gift it to my son when he s born. #Pokemon #riolu #lucario #plush #plushie
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Hoy, i'd like to apologise for my recent lack of answer in DMs. Im more active on Twitter and Discord and rarely check my DMs here anymore. My ADHD makes it very hard to multicheck on every social medias, which is why i'll try to advert to reach out to me either via twitter or Discord for now on as it will garantie better communication to me and yall. Also a lot happened in a few months. Things i can't adress here for now, but might be abble to do so soon. It's relevant to my health and why i'm taking it easier and slower for a while, but i garantee yall it will be worth it. Some of you already know please keep it a secret here. There were HUGE evolution in my family, good stuff, but also very overwelming. I had to rush plans i had to help out my mother during those times and it was liberating yet very energy and time consuming. I was away for a week and might be away for another week and a half in June. Also Summer is time for conventions, i'll be away for japan expo and galacon
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Happy birthday!!

Heeey, how's things?

It's been a while since.

What a small world this is!!! Lolol

um...hi :huggle: 💖💕 I like your miraculous oc and mlp drawings and I was wondering do u do requests ? im sorry if it’s a dumb question :( 💧

I follow you on Twitter so I am aware that there's alot going on in your life right now.

And because of that I am asking this question.

Perhap's because of more important thing's have you forgotten to upload the next OSN page ??? Oo..

I'm offering commissions!
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