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young celestia

By Dormin-DIM
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young celestia when she didn't have cuttie mark yet. She only got it when she rise the moon for the first time .
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Such a lush inviting tail.  She must spend so much time brushing...Not with the power of magic and many servants!
Thank you for sharing.
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I always really love the way you draw wings
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Really love your style, keep up the great work.
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La princesse dans toute sa grâce (avec une vue sur son flanc qui est gratuit XD).
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You know, one of the things that I really want to see in the next season is a flashback when Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were young. I want to see that someday.
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Young Celestia.......more like Young Molestia......i'm gonna leave now
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yeaaaaah no... not into that stuff
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rise the moon? isn't the princess of the sun or is a joke bout the butt?
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probably a mistake
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Oh such a big bum....I like.
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what do you use to make the lines?
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