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clover the clever

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The shading and lighting really bring life to him, the seriousness in his eyes looks genuine, and i love how the spirit horse wraps around him so nicely with a great definition of space and depth. The Cloak looks like it flows well with his actions I like him ^_^ 
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Was there ever a canon answer to whether Clover was male or female?
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well they refer to clever as he once it seems.
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... mother of god... do i have future sigh?
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Found your art via EQD.

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Very cool, I like your version of Clover the Clever.
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Classe, ton draw ! ^^

Sur ma vie, le frelot, avec un trèfle à 4 feuilles sur son atéba, il peut rien lui arriver ! XD
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Clover the Vénère.
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C'est magnifique! *o*
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1st amazing

2ndd wow
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I love the braid.
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That is really cool looking
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