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Soul Silver and Dormin movie style

I'm planning on testing a little animation with the movie style, so i'm testing renders of character i really know (my ocs) in this style. Still need to practice.
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I just realized that your two main OCs have the same manestyle. (almost, but basically the same)
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Yup, I just appréciate it and i'll assume it in the story when they will meet eachothers as a joke XD
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I mean, now that I think about it, the guy who made Fairly Odd Parents and Danny Phantom has a thing for that same hairstyle he uses all the time on almost every character.
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Beau travail, j'aime les deux designs 
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I really love Dormin's eyes ! *__*
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1st im so ready for the movie

2nd sweet aart
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Clarity: wow that's amazing :D
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Wow, t'as bien retranscrit le style du film ! Bravo ! ^^
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Ils sont très beau dans ce style ^^
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very nice work, i love this look tbh X3
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Anyway thank you very much!^^
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oh ! thank you!
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