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Nox Arcana and Phantom Lord

Gift for Equestria Tale

Hope you like it.

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DebbyGattaTheBeast's avatar
Oh my...
I love it... so much
ShaleZookeeper7's avatar
Simply gorgeous!!!Love :happybounce: +fav Heart La la la la Clap 
Eriarte's avatar
For a moment I thought they were the parents of Luna and Celestia
GentleFoxes's avatar
And amazing feathers, as always.
Vazypan's avatar
Your take on light and shadows always looks SOOO astonishing... 😍
😑 I want to be able to do this too...
templar127's avatar
Love the wings :D
Spring-Heart's avatar
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MisterX44's avatar
Alors c'est vraiment le retour à Equestria Tale ?
On croise beaucoup de Phantom Lord en ce moment... ^^"

Très joli en tout cas.
Dormin-DIM's avatar
Hein? Non j'aide juste côté design °°
tigreanpony's avatar
Very nicely done, great work.
Art-in-heart4va's avatar
so, not Luna and Celestia?
NIDIA10's avatar
It's from a french forum rp. :3

So yeah, it's not Luna and Celestia, but Nox Arcana is the Princess of the Moon and Phantom is the Prince of Sun o/ There is more details about it in the forum but like I said, it's french. 'w'
Needlewind's avatar
Ca m'a donné une idée de commission tiens =p
Faudra que j'y pense si jamais j'ai des sous.
tehwatcher's avatar
1st so amazing

2nd so divine so beautiful
NIDIA10's avatar
Wow, it's so cool ! OwO  Really love their expressions and colors you give them. :3

Keep da good work, you're an amazing artist ! Flowey Wink Underpants 
RuthAwesome19's avatar
wow, this is really pretty! great job!
vgmaster9's avatar
There's actually a band called Nox Arcana, very well worth listening to.
Razi-Hell's avatar
Tu vas me tuer avec ts dessins sérieux >< C'EST TROP BEAUQISBSOQS

LLatte's avatar
It looks so pretty ok sign f2u 
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