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Is respect dead?

Hello fandoms of all kinds!

I wandered on the internet when, to the vagaries of my readings, I realized that many things were not brilliant. I saw light, I observed and ... I found a lot of salt for my chips.

I wondered why, why? And as I have a lot of curiosity in me, I start a little social experiment with you in the form of debate. The goal is not to create a better world, nor to create shitpost / drama / shitstorm, nor to criticize to criticize, just an experience to understand. I do not have a degree in psychology, sociology or anything, I'm just a curious individual.

You can participate as long as you remain cordial and respectful! But then, before talking about communities and communities, I think it's important to talk about respect because after reading this: "Respect ... Omg the joke! Respect has not been around for a few years huh ... Look everywhere, whether on social networks or even in everyday life. "

So our first topic will be about respect!

Bennnnn ... I tell myself that there is a basic problem.

1 / But tell Jammy? What is respect?

Well Fred, it's very simple! Wikipedia says: "Respect (from the Latin respicere meaning" look back ") evokes the ability to consider what has been stated and accepted in the past, and to draw the consequences in the present. the respect of a promise, the respect of a contract or the respect of the rules of a game. In these examples, the respect evokes the ability to remember the moment in which a human being committed, respectively, to keep its promise, to fulfill the conditions of the contract, or to comply with the rules of the game.

Respect for a human being takes a closer sense of esteem, and is based on the ability to remember the actions previously performed by a human being when they are worthy of recognition. Respect must not be confused with tolerance because it does not have the same motives, and contrary to respect, it is not incompatible with contempt. "

If we refer to the definition of this pseudo-dictionary, you owe it to yourself to respect others, otherwise you will lose the game.

2 / The love and tolerate:

You can say that love and tolerate is bullshit. Indeed, it is a meme and has never been something "real" although some have taken it literally. It's a dark stupidity that some people brandish to protect themselves from the slightest criticism or thing that hurts their little person. In itself, love and tolerate, although ultra-utopian, has a positive base. But must not become a shield worn out wrong and through ... Otherwise it loses all its credibility. Already he had no basis since he has no real substance.

3 / Respect is dead

False. He is dead only if you, the individual, decide not to give respect to another individual or thing. But that remains YOUR choice. Nowhere has it been imposed that you should not respect others. In the end, would not it be just an excuse or a perfect pretext for you to flee peace and you can act as you please forgetting that your freedom stops where the one of others begins? And above all respect for this same freedom? Out, how do you want to be respected if you do not respect others? One thing causing another ...

4 / the flock effect

So, I wonder if we're not just dealing with a new stupid fashion.

In my memory of college, I remember being made assaulted and rejected socially because I had no clothes brand. And kind of violent eh! Little plebian that I was, I did not have the means for this kind of thing and especially not the desire to be a billboard for ugly clothes. But we were dealing here with a group of teenagers including 80% of the bourgeois private college in which I was, some of whom confessed to me, half word not to be heard, that they only did this to be accepted and that they do not get in trouble.

Curious behavior is not it? This behavior is completely deviant! But as they are numerous and tend to absorb even more mass under the reign of social insecurity, they become what is more like a norm. And it's dangerous. Because that's how bad seeds and weeds choke the beautiful plants.

And in the end, well, all these people ... are just sheep.

5 / Yeah but I am original I am not the flock, I just apply the same codes.

So you say you're original, but you're the flock, like walking next door without being part of it. So you think you're marginal ... You're a black sheep .. But always a sheep.

6 / do not treat me sheep, I have the right to respect!

Aaaaah? But I thought that respect no longer existed. Look around you no? Well ... No, I'm not going to miss you more respect, Billy. Because I have chosen to respect others, even when there are people I hate. Because if I do not respect others, I do not respect myself and especially, I withdrew the right to brandish the shield that is respect in case of aggression on pain of becoming a hypocrite. Just like the people who brand the love and tolerate, it's no better and we come back to the top of my pad. And I apologize for offending you with my image of the sheep, because I respect you and want to protect my right to respect as well as healthy relationships and social interactions. You too can choose to do it.


Respect is a choice, compatible with contempt. If you choose to disrespect, you can not claim it from others. To say that respect is dead is false and makes one a follower on a bad slope borrowed by people seeking ease and not wanting to question themselves. Why? The reasons are very numerous and nobody knows the liabilities that led others on this path ... And do not make fun of it because it would be disrespectful, but rather try to understand and help. Of course we can not do charity at any rate ... But just ... Avoid harming. It is already a lot. A simple: I hear you without understanding you. Or just treat it with contempt while respecting the other. Sometimes, silence is golden and ignoring helps to kill bad habits in the long run if we do not give them the importance they claim. Do not feed the troll.

And you?! I'd like to hear your opinion!

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Charanty's avatar
 Respect is dead? Since when? Did I miss something? What is going on even?
OBubbleGummPopO's avatar
I Don't see it much anymore And I hate that The Mormon church in my area is Forced to give respect. I don't think it helps When people are forced to do something just because its Right. I hate the Fake Fucking appeal some people give off just trying to be nice. It makes for uncomfortable talk and feels like talking to a careless wall. I Respect people For who they are even if they don't back but Its getting exhausting because now It just feels like I'm easily used and taken advantage of. 
Its hard to stay positive and Give Respect to people who just blow you off or belittle you. 
Respect has just exhaust itself in these times for me. But then again I never grew up with people who really put it in effect. :T  
Lars99's avatar
We do live in a hard time, where people is hating each other more and more.
I think it's time to break that rumor. And being better. But that doesn't mean to quite hate completely.
Just turn it down and think before you strike.
Stuntpony's avatar
I'd say that anonimity allows for being disrespcetful. Respect IS a choice, but it more of a morality guide. Treat others the same way you want to be treated yourself. Many people online do not have a face, so to say. They are not talking to each other in real world, where you HAVE to face another person. In Russia there is(was) a slang term,"po poniatiyam". Was invoked in criminal/bandit/street level spheres. And it generally invoked some strict code and hierarchy. Criminals, when proven themselves stronger or having more authority had more respcet from underlings. Why I mentioned it? Because right now it sems that rouges, that would not follow not just civilised world, but even this street level codes seem to be everywhere. There is absolutley NO authority for them, they are outside of ANY system. And because they don't have any punishment for it, they trhive in the internet.

But the opposite is also true. You cannot just say Yes to everything. At one point or another you HAVE to draw a line and STOP. "Love and Tolerance" is used as an exuse to go to some really dark places. MLP porn? You don't understand artistry/trufe feelings/etc. Learn to love and tolerate. MLP gore? Love and tolerate.

Generally, there must be self control in any area, be it conversation or promoting ideas.

Edit: Also, REALLY liked the picture here, more Slice of Life or anything coming? =) Keep drawing.
tigreanpony's avatar
Very interesting. Love the picture associated to your points.
I think the phrase 'respect is dead' has been said, over and over, by every new generation since the dawn of society.  I don't think respect ever dies, it just that what is required to earn a measure of respect changes as we age and our cultures evolve.  I think that the opposite of respect isn't disrespect, it's ignorance.
tehwatcher's avatar
1st thats a very deep and complex topic in the inteenet

2nd bec in this modern age peopel can hide their face so they be jerks sometimes about it

3rd but it doesnt mean for me its dead its more like showing how people think just bec they dont know you you shouldnt respect other respect is the key that opens door and people cna do more thing sif they respect thann being rude

4th and respect is not soemthign about wealth race and etc it is the williniess to see bbeyong their eyes beilift culuture and ability its about excepthing others and willing to make a mature and wonderful connecting to others
BludSpammd's avatar
Respect isn't dead.
It just doesn't make it easy for people to respect each other on the internet.
You can make something amazing and be cherished one day, say something people disagree on you and get hated on it by the crowds the next.

One can simply pick and choose the best things they see. Because who doesn't want to enjoy everything that looks and sounds good to you? 

For me the kind of person who gives respect is someone who can see beyond their flaws and see the beauty in their motive even though they're not perfect.

I myself respect people for doing something rather than doing nothing. As long as it helps construct a society that can live in peace and harmony together.

As for you I respect you for giving me something to think about rather than mindlessly browsing the web.
Lady-Limule's avatar
Umm, maybe I'm a little out of reality...but every time I see "respect is dead" write somewhere I think it was for humorous point. Like referring to a meme or a catch phrase because it's funny.
The gamer was shoot during a gameplay ? Respect is dead ! An humorist make a joke about the last youtube drama ? Respect is dead ! We speak about the ultimate battle of the French world Pain au chocolat Vs Chocolatine ? Respect is dead ! I always see a silly jokes about something lots of people say just because well...this is really exaggerated, so it's funny.
Dormin-DIM's avatar
well it sure wasn't in the debat i took the quote from sadly. that's why i felt concerned oo'
Lux-The-Pegasus's avatar
personnellement c'est bien beau de ma part de vouloire faire marré la galerie j'ai jamais voulu manqué de respect au autre donc pour moi non il est pas mort mais défois blesser parce que c'est défois mal prie et je ne saurais pas avoir un vrais opignon temps que j'aurais pas trouvé ma propre communauté social parce que les rélastion à distance c'est bien d'l'merde et trés souvent mal vécue et que depuis je préfère évité toutes relations j'y pourait raconté ma vie en méttant en avent les citation les pire et les plus clicher que j'ai jamais entendu tien

il y à bien un points que je peu touché c'est sur l'handicap en particulier le mien mais bon là je m'enfonce un peut de mon petit passer en tirant sur une ambulance et j'imagine que sa n'interresse personne
SketchyGarden's avatar
Usually it's just because someone too young or closed-minded is louder than the people who aren't like that.
Our brains also hold onto and remember negative things more than positive.
learn2chillax's avatar
Oh boy, this was a lot to read (coming from someone who reads fast) yet interesting to read.
146tym's avatar
I think the reason many people consider respect to be dead is because it's very difficult to enforce respect on the internet. You'll notice that nobody claims respect is dead in a moderated stream because they *can* be penalized for their actions and tossed out.

Ultimately, respect exists to avoid conflict, and likewise respect evaporates in an environment where conflict is low stakes or impossible. This is why some game communities become so toxic, because there's no real penalty for doing so.

Long story short, if you wish respect, create a framework for enforcement.
kerokogeorashi's avatar
If we're talking internet debates, part of the problem is how such debates can often be very polarizing. Let's take a simple thing like... Twilight becoming a Princess. Now I wasn't part of the fandom yet back  then, but I'd seen some of the fireworks from the side and I can sort of imagine how things went. There are a lot of people with greatly varying opinions on it, but as debate continues the parts they agree on aren't really talked about much (why would they, they agree of those after all) which leaves only the parts they disagree on. This leaves only the parts they disagree on and as the debate continues what was once an ocean of different opinion becomes a canyon with two sides: Those who like it and those who hate it, no middle ground because you have to belong to one side or the arguing doesn't make sense anymore.

It's not always something that happens willingly either. Sometimes people just get so swept up in debate that they unofficially join a side before they realize it and start disagreeing with others because they belong to 'the other side' rather than looking at the points they're making.
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