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Celestial Berserker

Commissioned by Jyc Row for his new song!…

>>My Patreon:You can support me here on my patreon for cool arts and some advantages like seeing work in progress and get some nice gifts :…

Jyc Row & Francis Vace feat. IbeConCept - Celestial Berserkers

Jyc Row's second song from the new Ponies at Dawn album, a collaboration with Francis Vace and IbeConCept! Again, thanks a lot to Francis for the wonderful electric guitars and to Concept for those amazing rap vocals. :)

This track is... a little bit special. As a R&D scientist (a chemist, more exactly), I love to mix different things to see what it does. The genre here is an hybrid between two drasticly different genres : Pirate Metal and Big Room House, with a little bit of Rap/Hip-Hop. Coupled to Ibe's rapping vocals, I sing the chorus as well as the final part (with Vace). In my opinion, I think my vocals here sounds better than my vocals in Warriors of Griffinstone.

Again, thanks a lot to Francis Vace and to IbeConCept for collaborating with me here, this is certainly one of my best tracks so far!

Aaaaaaaaand as always, here's a lot of links, informations and lyrics:

Artwork by Dormin:
Download & Pay-what-you-want Pd:

Orchestral instruments, composition, chorus + final lyrics & mixing/mastering by Jyc Row
Rap lyrics & vocals by IbeConCept
Electric guitars & final backing vocals by Francis Vace


Bandcamp: conceptibeabronyrapper.bandca...




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I like the one with the red wings! :D
Amazing art.
The art and song has inspired me to write a fanfic.
May I have your permission to use this art as coverart for the fanfiction?
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as long as i'm linked as the artist so people can know and find me, but since it is a commission, you should ask jyc row aswell first.
I've asked for his permission on the song and gotten it as well.
And I will of course link you as the artist.
Thank you for allowing this. :)
Do you want a link to the fanfic when it's finished and released?
Your art combined with the song is what gave me the inspiration for the fanfic after all.
Dormin-DIM's avatar
i'd love it, thank you very much!^^
Here is the link to the fanfic. Sorry it took a bit of time to get finished, but wanted it to be right as I wanted it to be. Lots of editing.…
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A truly epic piece of artwork to accompany a truly epic song.
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1st interesting

2nd amazing
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Y'aura-t-il un jour légendaire où on collabera ? Même si ça risque d'être difficile. x)
Dormin-DIM's avatar
collab à trois?
Dormin-DIM's avatar
Huhu, j'espère pouvoir en faire un pour toi de cette qualité un jour.
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C'est vraiment beau, ils ont tous l'air vraiment dynamique.
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