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Celestia's royal duty

Just felt like drawing some Celestia letting go the pain and frustration.

celestia (c) hasbro

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Lunar-White-Wolf's avatar
C'est magnifique! *o*
Shira-hedgie's avatar
Oh la vache c est super badass 
tigreanpony's avatar
This piece is amazing, wonderful job with the details and the lighting.
MaxTheDalmatian's avatar
Enorme j'adore de plus en plus ton style de dessin
ChaosPhantom444's avatar
kyo4kusanagi's avatar
this looks plain cool~
cedricc666's avatar
Toujours aussi bien fait tes dessins miss. J'adore ton style.
(Ma belle Luna de la conv est dans son jolie cadre) ^^
Ton dessin se marie bien avec cette musique (The cost of the crown, clip MLP en PMV) :…
suzukii-san's avatar
Tiavik's avatar
she did that to her self? 
CombustionLadyPLi21's avatar
This probably after she banished Luna.
Tiavik's avatar
it says "Celestia letting go the pain and frustration" that makes it seem self inflicted 
Dormin-DIM's avatar
Also i think srlf destruction is a very dumb thing
Dormin-DIM's avatar
Nope, im not into scarification. It is after thabattle with nightmare moon, shegot hit in the battle and the lettong go part is confessing hiw heavy her heart is because she had to sacrifice so much, without anyone caring.
Tiavik's avatar
ohhhh ok thanks X3
learn2chillax's avatar
Wow! How interesting...
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