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someone on tumblr anonymously asked me to draw more superman sooo here it is! lol

mmm i love me some young superman <3 haha

anywaaays.. PEACE OUT>
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Is it just me, or does he look more like a 'clean smooth' Bizarro?
It's mostly the skin coloring to me but still.
I am a girl--so I'm swooning away!
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Great. I love Henry cavil's vertion of Superman, but alsor love this one. Great art :)
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I dislike the "new 52" but your art is awesome.
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Wow, love this :) Great pose, not one you usually see with the big guy. :D
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Very good one here.
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Love, love, love it!
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Awesome. Great job on the face.
LostTribesManlyAnime's avatar
Awesome looks amazing.
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If I were a girl, I would swoon over this image...
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He looks amazing!
I hate that they moved him into his Kryptonian armor so early in Action Comics, his T-shirt look was pretty realistic.
Great piece of art.
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Thats Connor Kent from Young Justice
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That's actually Superman from Action Comics in the New 52 reboot of the DC Universe. It's how he started out before he got his Kryptonian outfit.
Conner wore a black shirt with no cape.
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You replied to a 4 month old question?
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And people wonder why women love him. MMMMMMMMMM.
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Ah so handsome, love his torso the best and how he looks ready to fly to the rescue at any moment. Also, the shape of his fingers is so...nice. I like them and the way you draw expressions the very best!
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Short sleeves and jeans...
I loved this version!
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this is so awesome :D love superman :D
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