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My Best Friends in the World

By dorkynoodle
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i couldnt really sleep one night sooo i ended up doodling and this is what it came to be lol

anyways its PB, jake, finn, and marceline from adventure time:D totally inspired by finn's song in the "what was missing" episode ahaha

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Ah, she's so cute! 
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The characters actually look their age. When I watch the earlier episodes I forget that Finn is so young.
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I love this so much. Wonderful capturing of their characters. Just wonderful.
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I love the way Jake is sitting. LOL XD
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i love it! I LOVE IT SO MUCH. omg. Can't stop looking.
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you drew jake like one of your French gurls
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(Fixed link to this lowlife art thief.)
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Look at this guy stealing your art.
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L O V E this pic!! .. Your Finn reminds me of Naruto :3
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ok now im not the only one
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lol jakes chillin on finns head
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pb and marceline are good, but finn looks like hes 4
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I love the style, is perfect!
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how is this doodling?!?!?!
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awesome a realistic art, you really captured their personalities here.
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I love how crazy spot on this is! Finn looks a lil like Naruto haha I wish I could pull of PB's hair...
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Marceline has DAT EXPRESSION.
dude. this is insanely awesome.
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